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February/March 2020

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6 wholelifetimes.com contributors from the editor Is it just me or does it seem like life as we know it has been more topsy-turvy than ever? With eclipses, viruses, unex- pected events, a government in chaos, we all need practic- es and methods to keep us calm, grounded, and balanced. The Spring Equinox is on the way, so in this issue we asked a few of our talented writers to please share their thoughts and answer the question below: "What do you do to keep the peace?" Practice is everything. Increasingly I find myself attracted to repeating ancient prayers and chants that have been sung millions of times over hundreds of thousands of years. It helps me to remember that though this life of mine has its peaks and crests, it all belongs to the vast body of the ocean of consciousness. Then I can breathe easier. Finding my breath inside of a practice that is always available is where peace is waiting. Then I remember again, I am only the wave receding back into the great ocean. Wendy Strgar (Pg. 13) With so much change, chaos, and uncertainty in life today, I hold a space of gratitude and love every day. The consistent way I stay balanced and peaceful is by doing a daily ritual of yoga and meditation. Keeping mindful as the day progresses, news unfolds, and work stresses arise — knowing each little moment of peace sends vibrations out into the world making it a happier place for all. Tess Anson (Pg. 12) We are in a great awakening. The Divine Mother is taking the wheel. In the US, women are now 29% of our legislatures. Two states now have a majority of women in their legislature. The MeToo movement has graduated from a hashtag, to thousands of women protesting. Mother wants her air, land, water to be pure. #Womenwillsavetheworld. Get out of the way. My peace is in the street, advocating for women. That is where the Mother is. Zoe Nicholson (Pg. 8) Deborah King (Pg. 14) So many ways to keep the peace! First off, meditate, meditate, meditate, so you are sending out a mellow vibe! Second, do some "forest-bathing," the Japanese version of hanging out with the trees. Third, work on getting enough sleep every night so that you can stay balanced during the day. That's it!. Greetings Dearest Readers! ~ Happy February and March and welcome to our latest edition! Spring is on the way, with the Vernal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere on Thursday, March 19th. Does it seem to you like 2020 is going by faster than ever? We are already into the second month of the new decade. Have you had a moment to pause during the darker nights of winter? Do you feel rejuvenated as we march toward the Spring and returning light? As I was beginning to write this on a foggy Sunday morning, we received the tragic news of the helicopter crash, severing short the lives of all nine on board. We send light to their families who must endure such pain. We appreciate the work that they did here in SoCal — legends, them all. Yet, another reminder of the fleeting and preciousness of life. And, the fact that it truly does speed by ever-so-quickly…. We recognize that your time is precious and sincerely appreciate you spending a few moments traversing our pages. As always, we strive to be in journalistic integrity and provide stories for your reading pleasure. This issue be sure to read about the importance of self-love and self-care. This edition highlights a local, passionate, long-time activist who went to VA for the historic ratification of the Equal Rights Amend- ment. She was also in DC for the Women's March and there's no stopping now! The times are changing! We also feature an article written about a major ballot initiative which invites us ALL to VOTE on March 3rd! California has moved our voting up from the usual June date. To learn more about a particular measure that is dear to our hearts, pls read our story on prison reform here in LA. The statis- tics of incarcerated men and women, and especially, the jailed who are in need of mental health services, will astound you. Now, there's something we can all do, if you should feel called to do so. VOTE! We can actually change the system as we know it. Spearheaded by Patrisse Khan-Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, we can take on the criminal justice system and demand reform. How do you feel about this, dear readers? Email me! gina@wholelifemagazine.com. Please share your thoughts with me and our community. It's also that exciting time of year! The 18th annual Conscious Life Expo is in town, held at the Hilton LAX. We'll be there once again with a booth. Please do stop by and say, "Hello!" We are together in this community of consciousness seekers. We want to meet you, greet you, and chat about YOUR ideas! Just come to the Mezza- nine Level, by Speaker Check-In. As always, we invite you to please visit our valuable advertisers. We know you have a choice and we deeply appreciate your sup- port. Tell them you saw them in Whole Life Times ~ the nation's longest-running holistic publication! We've been around more than four decades in print – going strong! And more than two decades online. Be sure to sign up for our digital edition. It's easy! Text the word WHOLELIFE (all one word) to 42828 or email me directly at gina@wholelifemagazine.com. Happy Heart's Day, St. Paddy's Day, Black History Month, Women's History Month, and any other special days you celebrate! Thank you for being with us! With Peace & Love ~

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