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February/March 2020

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February/March 2020 23 art & soul REVIEWS Animal Soul Contracts: Sacred Agreements for Shared Evolution By Tammy Billups I have always felt a deep connection to my pets, so I was excited to read Animal Soul Contracts by Tammy Billups and learn more about that connection. The author describes this connection as a heart-to-heart connection felt all the way to the soul level. This book is a guide to discovering the spiritual agreements or contracts between our souls and those of our animal companions. Tammy Billups reveals how the souls of our animal companions — that we previously loved and have passed away — come back to support us, either on the spirit level or reincarnated in a new animal form. A concept about the soul contracts that I found very interesting is that through our soul connections, animals can mirror or carry our physical and emotional issues. As Tammy explains, "Animals can and will mirror or carry their person's physical issues. Typically, it's rooted in energy transference originating from a deep love and desire to serve the other being by taking away their pain." The case studies that Tammy shares in this book and has experienced through her work, whether it is a person and their dog that both have social anxiety or a person and their cat that both have asthma, are evidence that we really do mirror each other's issues. Through animal-human tandem healings, Tammy has transformed feelings of grief, loss, abandonment, betrayal, trauma, abuse, and anxiety between them. Animal Soul Contracts delves deeper into the higher purpose and reason animals are with their people, and the other animals around them. Each one of us, humans and animals, come into each other's lives for a reason. Thanks to this book, I can start working with my animals to align our soul contracts for mutual evolution on our journeys. A must-read for any animal lover! (Bear & Company) — Diane Howells BOOKS

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