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February/March 2020

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"U ntil you love yourself, you can never be in a healthy relationship with another person." This belief, a variation of the "great soulmate" myth that preceded it, has circulated in the self-help world for some time. It is a platitude embraced by people who are looking for a quick, easy understanding of the complex topic of love. Like all clichés, it may possess a grain of truth, but surrounding that grain are half-truths and simplistic thinking. When we take such clichés literally, they can nurture the deceptive expectation that we can attain something that is not actually possible. Two words in this phrase are part of the trouble: love and self. For centuries, philosophers, poets, and Artwork by Appledd SELF- LOVE THE MYTH, THE TROUBLE, THE TRUTH BY LINDA CARROLL 18 wholelifetimes.com

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