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Winter 2020

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37 I used Danish and German microphones, Italian wireless and fibre-optic equipment, a Swiss mix- ing board, French recorders, British boom poles, and German headphones—all in all—a very European kit! Left: Sound team with the mobile sound hub vehicle (L to R) Tom Wilkin 2nd Assistant Sound, Hugh Sherlock 1st Assistant Sound, Michael Fearon Sound Trainee, Stuart Wilson (standing) Sound Mixer, Tom Fennell (seated) 1st Assistant Sound, David Giles 2nd Assistant Sound Main recording setup The nerve centre of the operation Aaton Cantar X3 recorders Sonosax SX-ST mixing board Wisycom wireless equipment (plus two Lectrosonics) DPA & Schoeps microphones Panamic boom poles Ultrasone headphones Clark antenna mast The Wisycom gear was fantastic. Very well designed and built. Fibre-optical links, high gain antennas. True diversity on every receiver. An aluminium antenna mast bolted onto the van from a company called Clark Masts was an essential piece of kit, an extra yard of telescopic mast was worth more than adding 250mW to the power output and messing up everyone else's signals. Stuart's bag rig, Cantar X3, Cantarem, wireless receivers, both Wisycom and Lectrosonics. Sonosax SX-ST

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