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A Letter from the Secretary-Treasurer 10 SAG-AFTRA | Fall 2019 | I want to leave him a strong and prosperous union that can protect him from the ever-changing tides of digital media, emerging technologies and industry consolidation. And I hope to pass the torch to him when he's ready to follow in our family's footsteps. As secretary-treasurer, it is my responsibility to oversee finances, budgets and investments. As a successful, hands- on business owner for over 30 years, an avid poker player (constantly calculating probabilities and odds), and the daughter of a math professor, this is comfortably in my wheelhouse. Just trying to get the car keys from my dad when I was 16 involved solving quadratic equations. I had to calculate the cost per mile for me to drive the car — easy — but then add in the marginal cost of depreciation and the increased insurance for having a minor on the policy. To be honest, sometimes it was just easier to walk. This is all to say, I'm not afraid of numbers and making them work in my favor. In the past two months, I've had the pleasure of working closely with our brilliant Chief Financial Officer Arianna Ozzanto and her highly skilled finance team. I am pleased to report that we have increased our reserves and balanced our budgets to ensure a solid financial footing for SAG-AFTRA. But beyond the formal duties of secretary-treasurer, my goal is to be an advocate and partner. The more united we are, the stronger we stand. We are the most powerful entertainment union in the world. There is only one thing that can make us more powerful: acknowledging our differences and collaborating for Dear Fellow Union Member, I t is an honor to have been elected and to serve as your secretary-treasurer. Thank you for your vote of confidence and trust. I come to this position with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. I am excited to be a part of the team that works to strengthen our union. For those of you who don't know me, let me take a moment to introduce myself. I feel like I have been preparing for this position my whole life. I come from a long line of union and political activists. My grandfather helped organize the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union a century ago; my uncle was the founding secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 840 in Manhattan; and both of my parents were members of teachers' unions. My whole family has been freedom fighters for as long as I can remember. To put this in context, I have won an Obie, an Emmy and a Golden Globe award, but I don't think my 94-year-old mother was ever more proud of me than when she heard I was elected secretary- treasurer of our great union. Talk about being proud: A year and a half ago, at the age of 16, my son became a SAG-AFTRA member. When his card came in the mail, I cried. Here's proof of my puffy face and my joy! the greater good. Yes, many of us have different viewpoints. We have different careers, different workplaces, and different experiences. But the values that endure for our union are unquestionable: diversity, equity of opportunity, fair contracts and safe working conditions. That is what unites us. But the main reason that I chose to serve is because I believe I can make a difference. I believe I can use my loud voice to advocate for my fellow performers. I want to expand on the visionary approach of the recent leadership and be a part of the radical change needed for long-term success. I am excited and proud to be your secretary-treasurer — almost as proud as my mother, Sylvia. I look forward to being a part of the team that helps SAG-AFTRA remain strong for all 160,000 of us, for my son and for generations to come. Thank you, Camryn Manheim P.S. In addition to my secretary-treasurer duties, one of my main goals is to inform the membership of all the resources available to you at SAG-AFTRA. So, please follow us on social media and download the SAG-AFTRA app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. C A M R Y N M A N H E I M "The main reason that I chose to serve is because I believe I can make a difference. I believe I can use my loud voice to advocate for my fellow performers." /SAGAFTR A @SAGAFTRA @SAGAFTRA /SAGAFTRA

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