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C A S Q U A R T E R L Y F A L L 2 0 1 9 83 Philip Perkins CAS did final mixes for the ballet video Art Songs, the doc Journey to Hokusai (PBS), and the theatrical animated short Kapaemaha. Sylvain Arseneault CAS has been busy mixing Mrs. America for FX Network, starring and produced by Cate Blanchett. After a bunch of spring projects around the house, Brett Grant- Grierson CAS is happy to be back at CBS on SEAL Team with Josh Bower on boom and Jill Cosh as utility and wiring guru! Special thanks to Dave Yaffe for having us for a few days of double-ups on Why Women Kill and also Lee Orloff for a day on Westworld. It all helped to keep me warm and fuzzy with my Cantar. Sam Cohen CAS: My latest TV series is called Possession, or Dibuk in Hebrew. This project is a co-production for Canal Plus in France and Yes in Israel. It has been shot in Hebrew, French, English, and Arabic! The challenge was to do the original version in the four languages and keep the production sound with subtitles. Steve Weiss CAS is mixing All Rise for CBS with Stacey Washer on boom and Dennis Carlin doing utility chores. Karol Urban CAS MPSE and Marti Humphrey CAS mixed Pure and Uncanny Annie for Hulu's horror film anthology Into the Dark at The Dub Stage. B E E N T H E R E D O N E T H A T Karol also just finished mixing the lovely new Netflix series Gentefied with Kurt Kassulke CAS at Westwind. Finally, she also mixed an indie horror film called Noise in the Middle, also at Westwind Media. Gavin Fernandes CAS will be embarking on the fourth season of The Bold Type for NBC- Universal, the feature film Slaxx, and the documentary Train Time for IMAX director Stephen Low. Paul James Zahnley CAS recently wrapped Coming Home Again for Wayne Wang, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Another mix in the can for Paul was Q Ball with director Michael Tolajian that's set for release with Fox Sports/Magnify. Also, early mid-summer saw him mixing The Surrogate for Amy Glazer and the Bulge Bracket series for Chris Au. Jon Ailetcher CAS has had a very busy year so far. Currently in Chicago working on Chicago P.D. for a 22-episode season with boom operator Jason Johnston, utility Michael Capulli, and full-time sound PA Mike Murrie. We are averaging 12 to 15 locations a week which keeps everyone on their toes, and often racing for shelter from the rains that come out of nowhere. Tents are always close by. Production mixer Lori Dovi CAS and boom op Gail Carroll have been doing pickups in Los Angeles for Netflix's Kissing Booth, even riding the Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier in the middle of the night to capture marvelous dialogue. While also teaching summer school classes, Matt Foglia CAS kept the faders moving for some cable shows, including CourtCam for A&E and Paranormal Caught on Camera for Travel. He also continues to mix a podcast exploring cast and crew members called, you guessed it, Full Cast and Crew. Kenn Fuller CAS is extremely grateful for a busy, busy summer here in Los Angeles. Wrapping up a phenomenal seven-season run on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in June with the dream team of Kevin Culligan and Ron Hairston Jr. Next up was the LA production unit of Fox television rookie Deputy with good friends and great sound guys Colin Campbell and Damon Harris. The HBOGO pilot Generation will follow in late September, and then the Marvel/Hulu series Ghost Rider in October. Many thanks to the CAS, IATSE, and all the others who work so diligently to keep film production in Los Angeles. From Branko Neskov CAS: In August, I finished mixing Richard Stanley's film Color Out of Space in my studio, Loudness Films in Lisbon. Location sound was mixed by Olivier Blanc and the Foley was recorded and edited by Joana Niza Braga (last year's CAS Award winner for Free Solo). The film is based on an H.P. Lovecraft short story and features a score written by Colin Stetson. Greetings! Devendra Cleary CAS reporting from Stage 9 at Sony Pictures Studios. The spring was busy with a pilot for CBS called Jane the Novela, followed by the LA unit pickups for the feature film Just Mercy for Warner Bros. Thanks to Richard Bullock, Veronica Kahn, and Rachel Schroeder for joining me on those. The summer was busy with double- ups on Legion for FX (thanks Amanda Beggs CAS), Euphoria for HBO (thanks Sean O' Malley), and Why Women Kill for CBS (thanks David Barr- Yaffe CAS). The fall season has come and we're now back on Schooled for ABC with Chris "Catfish" Walmer and Rachel Schroeder on Y-4 duties. Brendan Beebe CAS, when not playing softball or coaching little league, is mixing Season 3 of 9-1-1 for Ryan Murphy/ Fox. Challenging locations all around Los Angeles, with David Beede and Rebecca Chan. Thankful to have Jeremy Brill, Blas Kisic, and Gregg Frazier on full-time double-up duty. James Ridgley CAS reporting on the last few months. Mostly working production audio on short films, commercials, and a documentary with various boom ops, plus did the Los Angeles part of feature film There You'll Find Me for Nook Lane Entertainment. The best to you all!

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