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46 The Costume Designer Summer 2019 Debra McGuire While navigating a complicated work and life schedule, fortunately, I discovered meditation, yoga, and the importance of daily personal practice in my 20s. I need to carve out time every morning to accomplish this and often it means an alarm going off at the most ungodly hour! (Which is the norm for most of us!) But this practice, swimming, and eating well have been my salvation. Kristin Burke I do a few things to keep my sanity— long walks or hikes with my dog and journaling. I find that sitting with your thoughts and emptying them out makes room for new, positive things. Sometimes I lock myself in the shop and turn up death metal music and start improvisational quilting. It's a freeing artistic pursuit and no one gives me notes about it—it's just for me. Dorothy Amos It is extremely important between shows to exercise, rest, and get all your annuals done. That is the time to eat well, make your own food, and have simple days. I love Afro-Caribbean, kickboxing-type classes that offer lots of cardio and great music! David Matwijkow I'm a runner so I run a few miles through my neighborhood 3-4 times a week, trying to pick the smaller tree-lined streets for some good scenery and calm. I recently started a cross-thing program, so check back in a couple months and see how that is going. When the sched- ule is ideal, I like to start the day with 20-30 minutes of yoga. It helps work out the kinks from long days on cos- tume rental house floors and steel ladders and the hours spent sitting in the car going from vendor to ven- dor. In addition, it helps me set an intention for the day on who I want to be, so when situations beyond my control come up, I can remind myself who I want to be in the situ- ation, since controlling the situation or circumstances can often be out of my control. On the weekends, I make a point to get out in nature at least once ... usually an early-morn- ing hike/run of a nearby canyon. If I'm finding sleep elusive, I have a meditation app I use to help clear my brain and bring on the slumbering! Ane Crabtree As Costume Designers, the way we fill our days can be so external, so full of other's words/scripts, vision, and creativity. Spending time with nature, meditation, and a good Muay Thai workout with my trainer keep me in balance, and in my own cre- ative center, to feel fulfilled, whilst fulfilling other's needs on the job. Ivy Thaide Taking an hour or two a day for self care has been a very important goal for myself. I have a gym bag with my workout gear in my trunk and have pre- loaded my workout class to read on an iCal calendar. Working out has been a great stress reliever, so I go 5-6 times a week depending on my schedule. Members Weigh in Caduceus/CDG Statuette by Gwyn Conaway

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