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4 The Costume Designer Summer 2019 EDITOR'S NOTE So much about Costume Design is larger than life: the characters, the scale, the stakes. When every day brings the challenge of heightened reality both on and off screen, it seems essential to evaluate how you want to live, and who you want to be. If you don't plan ahead, it's easy to become someone else. One of my great joys is speaking with members about their own personal journeys and experiences. Recently, an intriguing conversation with Costume Designer Nancea Ceo led me to questions I didn't realize I was asking. We met for lunch at a small restaurant on Melrose. She was wearing one of her signature hats with casual flair. I was taken by her philosophy of practicing mindfulness within her art and I began thinking about wellness in relationship to Costume Design, a theme which inspired this sum- mer issue. Nancea shares her egalitarian vision with you in A Meditation on Mindfulness. In this same generous spirit, our Vice President Cate Adair uses her compel- ling voice to remind us about the power of decency in an indecent political climate. In her piece, Nice is Not a Four-Letter Word, she extols the unexpected power of being kind. Associate editor Bonnie Nipar and executive director Rachael Stanley weigh in on healthcare and retirement—two subjects easily put on the back burner until they become critical. While by no means comprehen- sive, I hope that together, these articles spark a continuing conversation about becoming the people we want to be, nurturing each other and ourselves. Much intention has been focused on organizing events to foster our mem- bers' creativity, from the Mixer to a recent Swarovski workshop at Western Costume, to CDG Movie Night. Education chair Ivy Thaide also hosts classes to inspire and inform. Your presence makes these events possible. I hope you can find time to come, be inspired, and enjoy your colleagues and friends in your beautiful Costume Design community. I first met our Bob Mackie as a student at Otis Parsons School of Design. I think my first impression was his lightning smile. Bob's enthusiasm is about as scintillating as the crystals he uses with aplomb and abandon. Throughout my work in Costume Design and tenure as editor of this magazine, he has always been quick to share his experiences and insights. For months I was eager to discuss his costumes for The Cher Show. When he earned his first Tony after a dizzying stream of awards this year, I knew we had to celebrate it. With a rare combination of humility and charisma, Bob is a consummate artist and Costume Designer. I am honored to have him grace our cover on such a momentous occasion. More congratulations are due to the 2019 Emmy nominees. Look for their work in this issue. They continue to captivate us with the range and diversity of their talents. "Choose how you want to evolve and embody that change." —Nancea Ceo Anna Wyckoff DESIGNER + MAKER + JEWELRY CONSULTANT Original brooch 152 carat Star Sapphire and Diamonds Replica for Larry McQueen, The Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design WWW.KATHLEENLYNAGH.COM Southern California JEWELRY FOR FILM Custom Jewelry Builds Authentic Historical Jewelry Replicas Carole Lombard in the 1936 film classic "My Man Godfrey"

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