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L E T T E R FALL MEMBERSHIP TUNE-UP THE SUMMER SUN IS SHINING HERE IN LOS ANGELES, THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD CAPITAL OF ANIMATION, BUT AUTUMN IS ON ITS WAY! THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO TAKE A MOMENT TO ENSURE YOUR ANIMATION GUILD MEMBERSHIP IS RUNNING AT PEAK PERFORMANCE. HERE ARE SOME ITEMS TO HAVE ON YOUR RADAR: • Be on the lookout for your Annual Pension Statement. This important personalized form from MPI lists your earned hours, qualified years, IAP balance, and estimated retirement pension payment as of the end of 2018. If you haven't received it already, you should soon. Check it for accuracy and call MPI with any questions or corrections. Be sure to promptly notify MPI of any address changes. • Animation Guild elections are coming up! Only Active Members in Good Standing can vote in TAG's officer elections. To be eligible to vote, you need to have paid all dues and assessments including this year's fourth quarter prior to the counting of the ballots. Additionally, new members need to have their paper IATSE application fully processed. Members on Honorary Withdrawal are not Active and cannot vote in the election. Contact the Guild office to switch back to Active status or if you have any other questions. Your vote matters—make it count! • Do you know your Job Category? Every union position is tied to a specific Job Category in a TAG contract. The contributions made to your IAP and Pension Plan each week are based on those minimum rates, not your actual paid weekly rate. Be sure you're correctly designated at your studio. • Are you receiving our "This Week @ TAG" email digest? Share your email address with the Guild office and stay up to date on all the exciting events and developments here in your union. • Don't forget to save your paystubs. If you have a paperless paystub, take the time to download the PDFs and keep them safe. Your employer gives them to you alone; no one else can access them for you, and questions can arise requiring the unique information there. • If you or someone you know is working in a non-union studio and is interested in organizing, send an email to to let us know! We believe all workers deserve repre- sentation in their workplace, fair wages, good benefits, and the ability to retire with dignity. Now that you're all tuned up, you're ready! There's no better time than now to participate in The Animation Guild. Attend an event, come to a meeting, take a class, or join a committee. Your presence contributes to the strength of our union, and there's a place for you. In Solidarity, KC Johnson | President ON THE COVER clockwise, from top: Andy Suriano, Noëlle Raffaele, Ant Ward and Duane Capizzi. Photos by Tim Sullens.

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