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The idea of non-profit corporations is not to keep the money. Six or seven years ago, that was easy for us to do, because we didn't have any money to keep. But, with your support, today we have discretionary funds, and the best part of this very gratifying growth has been putting those funds back into our community with projects as diverse as the ASIFA Archives, Animation Educators Forum, Animation Aid Foundation, Animation Preservation Project, Open Source Support Initiative and our continuing progress toward completing the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Center. Frankly, without your help and support through memberships none of this would be possible. Our sincerest thanks to all Animation Guild members who are also members of ASIFA-Hollywood for their continued interest and support. We hope many more TAG members will consider joining the world's largest honorary animation community. We are pleased to offer TAG members a 10% discount on all professional and patron level memberships. Please use the code ASIFATAG1 when applying. BIG DREAMS For more information on ASIFA-Hollywood, please visit H O L L T R A N S F O R M I N G S K I L L S I N T O S U C C E S S F R E E T R A I N I N G F O R E L I G I B L E U N I O N M E M B E R S Software Digital Design Drawing & Painting Writing & Storytelling Visual Lectures

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