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D I A L O G U E 22 KEYFRAME "My family background was creative, but not in Fine Art or Design. My mom did crafts and was very creative in the kitchen with her cooking. My dad took some Fine Art courses in college and was into music but [he] didn't pursue either in his career. I grew up in a very diverse household where uniqueness was encouraged. In my childhood, I was supported fully in my desire to draw and paint and design, which led to more learning in college and developed into an early career as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and eventually in the animation industry as an Animator and Background Designer." —Kelly Wine, Lead Background Designer, BoJack Horseman "Yeah, definitely. My grandfather took a keen interest in painting. My dad was a graphic designer and likes to play the acoustic guitar. My younger sister, Elizabeth, grew up learning piano and is now a singer/songwriter. And, my brother Anthony pursued fine arts, but is now a music producer and DJ. Let's just say the house got a little loud at times. I think being in a household where creative expression was encouraged helped me explore and refine what I enjoyed about it. As I grew older, I started thinking of how I could tie that creativity in with my love of film and computers." —Sam Maniscalco, Lead Lighter, DreamWorks Feature Animation "Yes, I came from a creative family. My dad worked as an engineer for an architect company in China. He loved to collect art books on architecture and interior design. When I was a child, I loved to browse his books, especially the illustrations of old buildings from different time periods and cultures. Those books were one of the reasons why I became an illustrator. Now thinking back, I feel maybe they were also the reason why I loved drawing and creating environments." —Limei Hshieh, Background Designer at Disney TVA "I come from a long line of proud band nerds. My sister and I played trumpet, my mom and dad, my uncles, my grandfather, etc... Music was always present in everything that we did. My parents loved to play music from various films around the house and they raised me to appreciate the music of animation. Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom, The Jungle Book, Jonny Quest, anything with a great horn line!" —Eric Wolford, Animator, Bento Box DID YOU COME FROM A CREATIVE FAMILY?

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