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FALL 2019 21 MARTA STROHL 401(k) Plan Administrator The 401(k) Plan Administrator helps members navigate 401(k) benefits, including signing up for the Guild-sponsored 401(k) plan. Marta works with the employers and payroll companies to ensure payroll deductions are correct, tracks down financial discrepancies and works closely with Vanguard, the plan provider. She also helps members with 401(k) loan issues and other benefit questions. Mount Saint Helens blew up on Marta's 18th birthday while she was attending a college geology class on volcanos. JUPEY KRUSHO Facilities Manager Jupey's duties as the Facilities Manager involve scheduling regular business maintenance, overseeing contractors and inspecting completed jobs. He also oversees security, fire prevention and other safety systems. But his job also entails some administrative duties such as organizing and scheduling meetings, submitting expense reports, covering the front desk and greeting members as they walk through TAG's front doors. Jupey creates his own range of toys, games, apparel and accessories based on characters he's created such as Hey Hugo! and Battle Boko. T H E L O C A L LYN MANTTA Office Manager Likely the first person you talked to at the Guild, Lyn has the historical knowledge that comes with working at TAG for almost 40 years. As the Office Manager, she handles all of the dues payments and initiation fees, sets up new members, deals with status slips when employees are hired, change classifications, or get laid off. Her duties also include running the American Animation Institute, overseeing staff, handling payroll and answering member questions. Lyn bakes hundreds of Christmas cookies every year to give away to friends and co-workers. MIKE SAUER Assistant to the Business Representative Sauer's role is connecting members to the various training provided through Contract Services, including helping them navigate the harassment prevention training requirement, and accessing the free or partially reimbursed Job-Related Skills Training. He also helps with the American Animation Institute, the art school located in the union building. His role extends to office support, including facilitating educational and job emails to the membership, updating website pages, and answering questions regarding health and pension benefits. Mike takes kickboxing classes and plays drums in a few local bands, including The Shari Puorto Band. He recently performed at the Spring Preserves Blues & Brews Festival in Las Vegas, NV and at the 30th Annual Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival. RUSTEEN HONARDOOST & MARIE STORY Administrative Assistants The Administrative Assistants work to support members, answer questions about dues, process payments, connect members to health benefits, and address other Guild-related issues. Rusteen also helps with researching, writing and the website; while Marie uses her artistic background to design invitations and graphics for TAG. Rusteen is a comedy writer and competes in the 10 player arcade game Killer Queen. Marie is a character designer, animal shelter volunteer, and avid Sims franchise player. FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT

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