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FALL 2019 3 I S S U E 0 7 6 FROM THE PRESIDENT 9 EDITOR'S NOTE 11 ART & CRAFT Colin Jack's creative break 12 ON THE JOB A look at vis-dev artists 14 FRAME X FRAME From screen to print 16 IN PRODUCTION The Casagrandes' cultural influences 18 AFTER HOURS Dave Creek's miniature treehouses 20 THE LOCAL Who's who at TAG 22 DIALOGUE Did you come from a creative family? 44 CALENDAR 46 FINAL NOTE Italians in animation CONTENTS 18 24 ACTION IN ANIMATION We may associate action with crime-fighting superheroes, but where there's conflict there's action. And, raising the stakes can require a skillful touch. What makes a scene more than just a melee of kicks and punches? We asked artists and writers who work in the genre for their best advice. 32 BACK TO SCHOOL You've heard it before: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." As well-known as this aphorism is, it's simply not true. The proof: Six Animation Guild members who boast successful industry careers and teaching positions in their respective fields. 38 A POWERFUL JOURNEY Abominable, a new DreamWorks Animation feature coming out this fall, reflects the culture and landscape of China. We explore how the production tackled different locations and scenery, used color to indicate a long journey, created magic that's grounded in logic and ensured that cultural references were authentic. FEATURES FRAME X FRAME 38 24 12

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