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20 KEYFRAME STEVE KAPLAN & LESLIE SIMMONS Field Representatives The Field Representatives visit union worksites and communicate with members at their workplaces, connect members with their rights— both under the applicable contract and under the law—and benefits provided under the Union contract. As part of their role, Steve and Leslie also identify, support and develop member activists and leaders, help organize crews who seek representation, listen to member concerns, and collect specific information related to problems at work. Steve is an avid home brewer and kegs his own beer. Leslie was a volunteer zookeeper working with wild cats for 27 years at EFBC's Feline Conservation Center. WHO'S WHO AT TAG T H E L O C A L ALEXANDRA DROSU Director of Content The Director of Content provides strategic edito- rial oversight of all digital and print content to ensure effective messaging and elevate the profile of the members and the Guild in the entertainment community. Alexi also oversees Keyframe Magazine, communications with membership, website development, branded materials and serves as a liaison with press and media. Alexi was born in Brussels, speaks four languages and once had to orchestrate a photo shoot with actor Geoffrey Rush dressed as a Geisha. BROOKE KEESLING Director of Community & Culture The Director of Community and Culture increases member engagement through a variety of means, such as creating and managing events (member party, mixers, lunch & learns, etc.), providing member support for internal organizing efforts and communicating with members. As one of TAG's ambassadors, Brooke also provides outreach and education to current and future members at universities, animation conventions and festivals, and other industry events. Brooke worked in Talent Development and Recruiting at Cartoon Network, Disney and Warner Bros.; she currently teaches at CalArts and is the Vice President of ASIFA-Hollywood. JASON MACLEOD Business Representative An elected position, the Business Representative supervises the business affairs and management of Local 839. These duties include representing the members in relations with their respective employers, serving as the chairman ex officio of all collective bargaining agreement negotiation committees, addressing grievances and enforcing the constitution and bylaws. Jason also serves on the Board of Trustees and Executive Board. Jason graduated from Caltech in Chemical Engineering and has a Masters in Chemistry. FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT FUN FACT A BRIEF LOOK AT SOME OF THE NAMES AND FACES YOU MIGHT MEET AT THE ANIMATION GUILD OFFICE

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