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4 S U M M E R 2 0 1 9 C A S Q U A R T E R L Y To educate and inform the general public and the motion picture and television industry that effective sound is achieved by a creative, artistic, and technical blending of diverse sound elements. To provide the motion picture and television industry with a progressive society of master craftsmen specialized in the art of creative cinematic sound recording. To advance the specialized field of cinematic sound recording by exchange of ideas, methods, and information. To advance the art of auditory appreciation, and to philanthropically support those causes dedicated to the sense of hearing. To institute and maintain high standards of conduct and craftsmanship among our members. To aid the motion picture and television industry in the selection and training of qualified personnel in the unique field of cinematic sound recording. To achieve for our members deserved recognition as major contributors to the field of motion picture and television entertainment. CINEMA AUDIO SOCIETY MISSION STATEMENT CAS SUMMER 2019 NEW MEMBERS Active Adam Howell Justin Jose Dmitriy Kliminov Filip Krzemie´ n Paul Massey Stacey Michaels Jemma Riley-Tolch Christopher Scarabosio Zach Seivers Arno Stephanian Graham Timmer John Warrin Associate Chris Kahwaty Jifu Li Brandon Loulias Jared Marshack Christopher Shilakes John St. Denis Student Jackson Collins Jr. Rachel Boissevain Todd Jacobs Haoran Li Bob Merkl Ember Rose Peter Schweitzer The summer is in full swing and we have been hard at work organizing a membership meeting, some summer adventures, and co-sponsored events to increase your membership value. So, please keep your eyes open for e-blasts coming your way. Also, I am very pleased to announce AMPAS has released the dates for their Oscar celebrations for the next couple of years and they are turning back the clock. While just two weeks earlier this year, the ripple effect of this year's Oscar date affected many professional organizations, including our own. Indeed, the February 9, 2020, date of this year's Oscars will be the earliest show ever. As a result, our award date of January 25, 2020, is abnormally early. But there has been much good to come out of the recent re-examination of schedules and eligibility periods. This year, the CAS has addressed a longtime concern we have received from our members who mix for television. In the past, our eligibility period was annual but our entry deadline was in the fall. This meant that folks that were booked on last-quarter mixes, this could include mid-season episodes, finales, limited series, late-season airing series, or television movies and specials, were not able to choose from their complete catalogue of work to enter for a CAS Award. So now, in an effort to allow for the inclusion and recognition of all of your work, the eligibility period after the entry deadline has been decreased. This means that this year, we will have a smaller eligibility period for television contenders of January 1, 2019, and October 31, 2019. But, the timeline for next year will be November 1, 2019, through October 31, 2020. Providing an eligibility period that ends close to our entry deadline allows more members of the television community to have the opportunity to complete, submit their work, participate, and be celebrated. This is not only similar to The Television Academy model but this same change was also made this year by our sisters and brothers at American Cinema Editors (ACE). It is our hope that this new schedule will herald a period of increased participation from our members. The nominees for the 71st Emmys in Sound Mixing have been announced and CAS members are dominating the competition. Please join me in congratulating the following members on their nominations: Elmo Ponsdomenech CAS, Benjamin Patrick CAS, Dean Okrand CAS, Brian R. Harman CAS, Stephen Tibbo CAS, Michael Hoffman CAS, John W. Cook II CAS, William Freesh CAS, William MacPherson CAS, George A. Lara CAS, Mathew Price CAS, Ron Bochar CAS, Sylvain Arseneault CAS, David Michael Torres CAS, Felipe 'Flip' Borrero CAS, Larry Benjamin CAS, Brett Voss CAS, Benny Mouthon CAS, Ronan Hill CAS, Mathew Waters CAS, Onnalee Blank CAS, Phillip W. Palmer CAS, Geoffrey Patterson CAS, Joseph White Jr. CAS, Robert Johanson CAS, Tateum Kohut CAS, Greg Orloff CAS, Joe DeAngelis CAS, Jan McLaughlin CAS, Tom Fleischman CAS, Patrick Baltzell CAS, and Tommy Vicari CAS. Additionally, new AMPAS members have been announced and we send a huge congratulations to CAS members Brian Saunders CAS, Carlos Solis CAS, and Trevor Ward CAS who have received the honor, as well as our CAS publicist Dorothea Sargent. Finally, I would like to recognize Matt Foglia CAS, Quarterly editor in chief, assisted by Stephen Tibbo CAS, Publishing Committee chair, and Carol Thomas, our organizational manager, on this—their inaugural issue of the CAS Quarterly. The CAS is indebted to you for your hard work. Hoping to see you all soon at upcoming events. Karol Urban CAS MPSE President T H E P R E S I D E N T ' S L E T T E R

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