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TOP TWEET @MrsMieliwocki Vision and relentless, urgent positive motion in the direction of that vision is what will transform education. Let's start moving. MOST POPULAR FACEBOOK POST WHAT'S NEW AT CTA.ORG January 3 ONLINE RIF DEADLINE MARCH 15 877 likes 42 comments 667 shares If you receive a RIF (reduction in force) notice, log in to the Legal section for assistance and resources. Immediate action is required. Contact your chapter right away. MORE TOP TWEETS @joe_bower "In Finland, we have laws that do not allow students in elementary to be tested or graded." @pasi_sahlberg #catca @CATeachersAssoc 6 Ways to Help a Child Become a Good Reader, available in multiple languages. … #readacrossamerica @irishdreaming Sacramento says they are aware. Why aren't they working harder on a viable solution? Put our children's education first! #ptaadvocacy FAVORITE COMMENTS MARCH IS WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH TWO POPULAR CREDIT CARD PROGRAMS They've come a long way, with struggle and determination. Women now make laws when once they couldn't even vote. Honor women during Women's History Month and year-round. The CTA Platinum Plus® Visa® card with WorldPoints® offers valuable rewards and competitive rates. With the new CTA Cash Rewards Visa® card, you earn more cash back. Mary Knaus Sampson | Feb 24 If only the military had to hold cookie dough, wrapping paper and magazine sales to raise enough for a new jet or destroyer. Corinne-Valerie Marin | Feb 23 Plenty of money is wasted on enrichment materials that teachers are denied time to use... More important is a paradigm shift towards student accountability for behavior... enforcing courtesy and civility, maintaining dress codes... Nanson Hwa | Feb 22 The purpose of learning is to enjoy life, problem solve, be creative, exercise our imagination and adjust behavior to social and cultural standards. Elisabeth Moore | March 1 This is why I read. I love to travel but can't always afford it so a cheap alternative is books. VIRAL VIDEO Read-a-thon Flashmob 2013: Students at Roosevelt School in Santa Monica sing and dance "It's a Read-a-thon!" inspired by "Gangnam Style." March 2013 5

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