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IN FOCUS BOLDFACE NAMES CD Carey Bennett just completed the pilot Patty's Auto for Fox, based on a real-life all-female me- chanic shop in Phila- delphia called Girls Auto Clinic. Producers Darlene Hunt and Eliz- abeth Banks hired as many female depart- ment heads as they could in the spirit of girl power and pay equity. Bennett successfully negotiated a deal much closer to parity with her peers—the produc- tion designer and the director of photography. She says, "Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this show gets picked up so the fu- ture can truly be female!" Written by Hunt, the ethnically diverse cast includes Joanna Adler, Angela Fornero, and Nanrisa Lee. If you're struggling with being the lowest paid of the department heads on your production, please reach out to Bennett to discuss how she got 30 percent more than she was initially offered! After several months in London, CDG President Salvador Perez was finally done with his show Four Weddings and a Funeral. He says of the amazing journey, "I've made so many new friends and gotten to meet so many of our UK members, and even seen many of our LA members, as several of them are working here in London." While Perez had a terrific time, he is glad to come home, especially to the convenience of all the local studio services. "We really have an amazing setup in Hollywood, you really see how we are catered to. Also, I will never complain about LA traffic. It's a breeze compared to working in London. If you are planning on working in London, feel free to contact me. I have learned so much, I'd be happy to share my experiences with you." The sun finally came out after a long, cold, snowy winter in Vancou- ver, Canada, as CD Catherine Adair and crew shot the last and final episode of Amazon's original series The Man in the High Castle. Adair disclosed fascinating details. Season 4 began in San Francisco with a 'small' one-day pre-shoot (before principal photography started) with over 300 costumes. She jokes that this should have been a forewarning because during the 10-episode season, Adair and crew completed 1,349 background fittings and 1,088 pre-fits when the background actors were not available so costumes could be put together based on their measurements. That totals 2,437 costumes in all, not counting stunts, guest stars, or principal actors. "I will re- ally miss my LA and Canada crews!" says Adair. ACD David Matwi- jkow headed the Los Angeles base and CD Carlos Brown assisted in the San Francisco unit. The show stars Rufus Sewell, Alexa Davalos, Jason O'Mara, Chelah Horsdal, Joel de la Fuente, and Brennan Brown. Season 4 of The Man in the High Castle will air in the fall of 2019. After shooting and prep- ping for four months in Europe, CD Anne Dixon finished the last leg of The Song of Names in Montreal in November of 2018. Starring Tim Roth and Clive Owen, the touching story plays out over a number of decades, imparting the horror of war. Based on the book by Norman Le- brecht, with Jeffrey Caine writing the screenplay, the film was directed by François Girard. The production was based in Budapest, Hungary, but principal photography began in London, England, and traveled to Madrid, Warsaw, Vienna, Montreal, and To- ronto. "What a treat to be prepping out of Angels [and Bermans] in London with an amazing team, working beside Peaky Blinders and The Crown," enthuses Dixon. To find pieces that fit the palette and look of the film, Dixon and crew combed costume houses in Europe and Canada. She also sourced from private collectors and unique stores around the globe. "It is such an incredible gift work- ing in French again," says Dixon. "There were so many languages, countries, decades, and scenes, it made the juggling tricky. But what an honour to be part of this project! I loved it." Compiled and written by: Bonnie Nipar, Stacy Ellen Rich, Carey Bennett and the crew of Patty's Auto Salvador Perez (center), Nathalie Emmanuel (R), and crew Anne Dixon and director Francois Girard Catherine Adair and the crew of The Man in the High Castle BFN - WORK

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