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12 The Costume Designer Spring 2019 We are highlighting contemporary Costume Design in this magazine. Although just as much work goes into Costume Designing a contemporary show as a period or fantasy show, it doesn't always get the respect and praise it deserves. Contemporary designers may buy a Prada blouse, an Armani skirt, and a pair of Jimmy Choo's to make an outfit, but none of those designers were in the fitting room to decide how to recut the garments to make the actor look best on camera, or alter the costumes to accommodate stunt pads, or had the vision to put the outfit together with the perfect accessories. This is all part of the design process that goes into contemporary Costume Design. I get a lot of fashion press on the shows I design, and journalists always ask what the brands are, so I always point out that it is not about the brands, it is about the pieces I combine to make an outfit and a character. We need to take control of the narrative. This is one of the reasons I feel we need to embrace social media, so we are part of the story, not a side note. We need to make our names as well known as the actors who wear our costumes. So often there is a display of our costumes and they list the actor who wears them and not the Costume Designer who designed them. This takes away our value in a time when we are so easily forgotten. The CDG social media has been putting these displays on notice and the fan reaction is unanimous that we should be credited for our work. It starts small and can grow. We would appreciate if you join in using our hashtag #CredittheCostumeDesigner if you see costumes without credit. Know your worth! We had another fantastic CDG Awards. It is always the highlight of the awards season. Our honorees show that our work has value and the public gets so see our praise and recognition. I want to thank our Awards Committee, especially Suzanne Huntington, for all their work in organizing the submissions and mak- ing the awards so special. And a big thanks to the Sarah Copperthwaite and Deme Stavrakas and their team at JumpLine for the amazing show they produce for us. We are already working on next year's show. It's a year-round job for us. I am thrilled to be back in Los Angeles after nine months in London shooting Four Weddings and a Funeral. While there I was able to visit with many local members as well as LA-based designers who were visiting, including my Vice President and dear friend Cate Adair. The 892/705 Mixer is on June 29. I look forward to seeing you all and catching up! In solidarity, Salvador Perez PRESIDENT'S LETTER UNION LABEL President Salvador Perez and Vice President Catherine Adair in London

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