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6 wholelifetimes.com Happy Summer! With longer hours of daylight and warming weather, 'tis the season to relax and have fun! What will you do on your Summer vacation? Let us know! Do you have plans to travel? Or maybe a "staycation" to enjoy all that our lovely city has to offer? How will you spend the hazy, lazy days of Summer? In the meantime, we asked a few of our talented writers the same question. See their responses below. Summer for me is about finding a balance between mellow time outside and big, raucous events. I'm still contemplating my picks for the Bowl, Hollywood Forever, and street festivals. I'll staycation over the big three holidays — Memorial, Independence, and Labor Day weekends. While many people crawl along congested freeways to get out of town, I'll race around the nearly empty streets of LA with my sunroof open and music cranked! Jane Evans (Pg. 23) As a mother of three who runs two businesses, I still get excited about summer vacation. Why? Because I make sure I plan a family vacation where we can all be together ... somewhere fun. This summer, we will be traveling to NY. We love musicals and will be staying in Manhattan for a few days to take in the sights and watch two musicals on Broadway. My favorite saying is "Work Hard, Play Harder!!" Galit Ventura-Rozen (Pg. 16) My daughter and I just returned from a cross-country trip to visit family, so we'll probably take a couple local, weekend trips throughout the rest of the summer. One of the most wonderful things about living in Los Angeles is being two hours (more or less), in any direction, from a totally different landscape and environment. That said, we'll probably go to Palm Springs for a hot, dry weekend, and perhaps Newport Beach for a wet, fun beach trip. Brian Hyman (Pg. 13) contributors from the editor Samuel Kiwasz (Pg. 18) Being a native of Los Angeles, I have always enjoyed the opportunity here of meeting cultures from throughout the world. This summer, for one month, we are hosting Ishu (24) and Hritik (19), from Jaipur, India. Their family makes the Sacred Geometry Pendants that I distribute. We will be busy entertaining them and will get the satisfaction of seeing our great city through their fresh eyes … no need to travel elsewhere…. Greetings Dearest Readers! Happy Summer! It's Memorial Day weekend — and the local meteorologists are predicting possible snow in the mountains. At the end of May! We've had wild weather, but we must trust that Mother Nature knows just what she's doing. Maybe the planet is evolving to protect itself. She's divinely intelligent and knows what to do. Speaking of nature and evolution, be sure to read our article on "Sacred Geometry" and pls enjoy the beautiful illustrations both inside and on our cover by the wonderfully talented artist Linda Ruttan Moldawsky. We are honored to share her creative, magical work with you. With evolution naturally comes transition. It's a time of Light and excitement and all that Summer brings! Remember those long, lazy days in-between school years? I spent a tremendous amount of time outside, always reading. I'd carry multiple books and magazines in my backpack; it didn't matter the weight. Now we have the equivalent of Alexandria's Library on our phones! I hope you are enjoying our printed offering and the stories we bring you. As you know, we also have a digital version which is great to read on the go, on your phones and tablets. Email us at gina@wholelifemagazine.com or text the word WHOLELIFE (all one word) to 42828 and we'll send you our beautiful digital edition at no cost. Gaze upward during lovely Summer nights; maybe you'll see a shooting star or other UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon). And when you see La Luna, remember July 20th marks our 50th anniversary of humans first setting foot on her luminous surface. Inspiring! Speaking of space, we're thrilled once again to be media sponsors of Contact in the Desert in Joshua Tree and Disclosure Fest/Mass Meditation event in Downtown LA. We'll be at both conferences and distributing magazines. Pls stop by and say "hello"! We'd love to spend time with you! Let us know what you'd like to see in our pages and online. Just a friendly reminder to pls consider supporting our advertisers. You have a universe of choices. Pls consider supporting our conscious community. We are all in the great ship together! See Free Trip to Egypt if you can. The filmmakers and other special guests will be here for the June 7th screening. This is truly an important film about the power of listening with your heart. As a longtime lover of all things Egyptian, this is a beautiful and impactful film, well worth viewing. Happy Father's Day (especially to my Dad)! Happy 4th of July (especially to my Aunt)! And Merry Happy Summer Solstice! Longest Day of LIGHT! Summer's here. Let's celebrate! With Love and Joy,

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