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June/July 2019

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and our destiny to raise ourselves up out of our current state. As we go through this process, we also will recognize the significance of cultivating our Sacred Body. The Cosmos is waiting for us to come on board. Once we commit to doing whatever it takes for our personal growth, we can harness the unlimited potential of the Earth that we stand on, the Prana that we breathe, and the Sun, our solar generator, that continually showers our bodies with light energy. Once we totally open ourselves up to the unfathomable strength behind the infinite potential of a loving God whose intelligent patterns created our Universe, once we realize we are one with our creation, we will become an expression of the Divine in all its glory. And ultimately, we will break free of our self-imposed and imagined limitations in order to become pro-active agents of the Creator itself in all its multiplicities of expression. Thus, we will become the Sacred Beings we were always destined to be. Samuel Kiwasz has taught Sacred Geometry for more than 20 years as well as served as Social Alchemist and creator of the Sacred Friends Online Community. He is known as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Southern California Conscious Community Visit: www.SacredPendants.com and www.SacredFriends.org. Geometry A point has zero dimensions. One Dimension: Connect two points, you get a line segment. A line segment has one dimension — length. Two Dimensions: Three points when connected indicate a flat plane shape. Its two dimensions are length and width. A triangle is the simplest shape. Three Dimensions: Add a fourth point in a new plane, you've made a three- dimensional object with length, width, and height. Four Dimensions: When we open a cube in all six directions, it can represent an expansion beyond three-dimensions into the next progression. The Tetrahedron, representing Fire, is birthed out of the triangle. The Hexahedron or Cube, representing Earth, comes from the square. The Octahedron, representing Air, comes from an eight-sided figure. The Dodecahedron, representing the Universe, comes from a twelve-sided figure. The Icosahedron, representing Water, comes from a twenty-sided figure. And ultimately, the infinitely sided circle expands into an all-encompassing sphere of Oneness. The Cosmos is waiting for us to come on board. Illustrations by Linda Ruttan Moldawsky

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