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June/July 2019 17 spirit Then cross reference the lists and you will find common themes. Lastly, start thinking of the businesses or professions associated with those things. For those who want to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur but are too nervous to leave their job with a current income, I advise them to have an exit plan. How much income do you want to make before you leave your job? How long do you think that will take in your new business? A FEW MORE TIPS: u BUILD your ideas, business plan, and more after work, on the weekends, and any bit of free time you have. Remember, five minutes a day is five minutes more toward building your own dreams and not building someone else's any longer. u FIND someone who knows HOW to do what you don't. There is always someone out there who does. I believe in business coaches and mentors. I have always had one and I love being one. It's important for you to know the HOW to your success. u TAKE ACTION! It's one thing to talk about it, and it's another to take action to make it happen. Don't wake up one day in 20, 30, 50 years and look back and wonder why you didn't do it, whatever that IT is for you. The only thing you have to lose if you don't try is EVERYTHING! I have made it my passion and life's work to show women (and some amazing men) that it is possible to live a life of passion, purpose, and make money doing it. When you do what you love, everything changes in your life in a positive way. So please choose to do what you love or at least love what you do. Believe in yourself and change your reality! Galit Ventura-Rozen is an award-winning business performance expert, speaker, and author of The Successful Woman's Mindset: Unlock the Secrets of Success, Activate Your Power. Visit www.galitventurarozen.com. When you do what you love, everything changes in your life in a positive way. " "

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