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June/July 2019

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16 wholelifetimes.com spirit FINDING MY VOICE W hen I was seven years old, I woke up one morning and my voice was literately gone. Doctors discovered I had a nodule growth on one of my vocal cords. They said when I was 16, I could have surgery to remove it. For the next five years, I was terrified to speak up in class because only a whisper would come out and it was worse when I was nervous or stressed. Then when I was 13, through years of speech therapy, I was practicing an octave exercise with my speech therapist and we found the voice I have today. When I went back to the ENT at the age of 16 and was asked if I now wanted the surgery, I said absolutely not. As long as there was no danger to my vocal cords or my health, I had grown to accept my new voice. I tried for years to stay quiet, out of the spotlight, and literately had to find my voice. Through wanting to make a difference and speak up, I recognized I had a natural ability to inspire and motivate others with 'MY VOICE' so I faced my biggest fear as organizations, companies, and conferences asked me to speak about mindset, leadership, and business. I realized it wasn't about me — it was about that one person I inspired in the audience to make a different choice that day and believe in themselves and what they wanted in their life. My blueprint for achieving entrepreneurial success is foremost to recognize you don't have to do it alone. If you have someone in your life who supports you, ask them for support. Surround yourself with a tribe of people who will. More than anything, you must learn to believe in yourself the way you believe in your children. It is time we believe in ourselves, respect ourselves, are kind to ourselves the way we are to others in our lives. Lastly, stop and breathe! If you don't take care of yourself, your health, take time for you, then you are not any good to anyone else in your life or accomplishing your goals. I pride myself on being an inspirational agent of change through my business mentoring, speaking engagements, and interactive workshops. I emphasize that you must set your mindset to match your desires. When a negative thought pops up, you must ask why you aren't kind to yourself. Why are your thoughts working against you instead of for you? First, stop and write down your negative thought. Then look for a factual reason you believe it. Trust me you won't find one, because it is based on emotion not facts. Then think of someone who believes in you and go talk to them about your desires — tell them everything. Say it out loud and pay attention to your energy, your body language, your voice tone. When you talk about what you desire, everything changes about you. Lastly, you must stick to this plan every single day. Every time something negative shows up in your mindset, knock it out with three positives. I cannot tell you how many people stop because they are missing THE HOW. That is the easy part; there is always someone who knows how. This person can show you — once your mindset is on board to succeed and you get past the fear of doing so. Try this: Close your eyes for a few minutes and think of the number one thing you want to accomplish in your life RIGHT NOW! No limitations, no expectations, no need for the HOW. Then see yourself succeeding at that goal — what does it feel like, what did you see, who was there? Open your eyes and write down all the details. Next, feel the emotion associated with that success as if you already accomplished it. Then follow through with the action steps for your desire to become your reality. Practice every day. If people are struggling to find their passion, I believe the best way to determine it is to think of the one thing you would love to do every single day even if you don't get paid for it. Usually when a client hires me to figure out what they are passionate about, it's the one thing that comes to them the easiest, the one thing they can talk about every single day all day and never get tired of it. Or the one thing they could do all day long. It usually is right under your nose, but you couldn't imagine someone paying you for it. Think about it. If you don't know, try this: Make a list of all the things you love doing. Then make a list of all the things others tell you that you are good at doing. By Galit Ventura-Rozen FUEL FOR THE FIRE The Mindset of Success! HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE Think of the one thing you would love to do every single day. It usually is right under your nose, but you couldn't imagine someone paying you for it. " "

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