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Volo etur Iquatatio blacepr eprovid explit ulliquiae. Iquas autet. Geesh! If this is what you have given us being less focused, I can't even imagine what could be if you were, as you say, "more focused!" (Laughs) I don't think it would have changed a lot. Knowing all those different aspects of the film business, I believe, only helped with the work that I did. But, I think, I personally would have been more at peace on a daily basis. Any chance of you coming back to work? Emphatically, "No!" (Laughs) Not even a project here and there? No! (Continues to laugh) OK, OK. Let me ask one last question. What do you think or hope your receiving this coveted award will mean to those coming behind you? (She seriously, passionately, and softly says) I can only hope that it gives you and those yet to come the courage to follow through. I could not see myself doing anything else, I just couldn't! I wanted to be in the film industry so badly. It wasn't easy and due to challenges here and there, I was miserable at times. But, that's part of the game in any vocation. But, I just couldn't give up. I just wanted it so badly and I think that if you want something that badly, you should just go for it! Because, you never know! It could work! I really didn't know how this would turn out, but I followed through and it worked! And now, here I am with you and I got the CAS PRESIDENT'S AWARD! Wow! I am completely blown away. Thank you CAS and colleagues with all my heart. After chatting with MaryJo for over three hours on and offff the record, I was again reminded that she is not only incredibly smart, talented, and has the intuition and advice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, but she is one of the kindest, most humble, and caring spirits I have come across in a long time. I am extremely blessed to have had the great fortune of knowing and being taught by her over the years. I am so very honored to call her my colleague and friend. I give her reverence and that is why "IT HAD TO BE YOU" at this time in history/herstory. "Applause, Low Bow, and a Hat Tip" to you, lady. Hard-earned and well-deserved. Congratulations on receiving the CAS President's Award! This industry is better because you were in it. "IT IS A FINELY CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE BETWEEN THE MIXER AND THE ARTISTS. IF ANY OF THE STEPS ARE OFF OR ANYONE MISSES A STEP, THE ENTIRE TEAM SUFFERS."

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