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ZINE SPIRIT ON JUNE 28 TH , THE ANIMATION GUILD WILL HOST ITS INAUGURAL ZINEFEST, SHOWCASING THE WORK OF 50 ARTISTS AND MEMBERS. "IT WILL BE A TERRIFIC OPPORTUNITY FOR OUR MEMBERS TO MEET AND NETWORK WITH EACH OTHER, AS WELL AS A FUN, FREE OPPORTUNITY TO SELL THEIR WARES TO THE PUBLIC," SAYS BROOKE KEESLING, TAG'S DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY AND CULTURE. HERE, WE PREVIEW A FEW MEMBERS WHO WILL BE SHARING THEIR WORK AT THE EVENT. NICOLETTE WOOD Wood has always been a fan of zines and comics and she enjoys using her creativity to design something that's tangible. It's also, she says, a safe place to share stories. "The types I tend to make are usually personal funny one- offs," says Wood, a storyboard artist at Warner Bros. "I like to take moments I've observed and bend them at their most absurd point," she adds. "Mainly poking fun at how awkward and humorous navigating through sex and relationships can be while simultaneously trying to find yourself as a queer, biracial humanoide." MAAIKE SCHERFF Scherff is new to the world of zines but she found the idea of making slice-of-life comics based on her daily observations appealing. "It's like a visual diary... sometimes I get a bit lost in my thoughts and drawing things out in a comical way is like a form of therapy!" says the character designer, who's currently working on Nickelodeon's The Casagrandes. S P O T L I G H T 20 KEYFRAME

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