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P E R S P E C T I V E According to Wikipedia, the term "ageism" was coined in 1969 to describe discrimination against seniors, but has expanded in recent years to include discrimination across different generations. I'm an older worker; I was there for the second golden age of the nineties. I've worked in several different capacities, including character cleanup and hand drawn effects for feature films, as well as timing for TV and online cartoons. I've been the target of ageism myself, but I also frequently hear Boomers speak with disdain about Millennials. I also practice what some call "internalized ageism"— turning the stereotype inward on myself and others my own age. Examples of this would be endless conversations about health struggles, or insisting that, "I'm too old to learn new software." Ageism and internalized ageism are rampant in Hollywood. The idea that we don't want others to know our age lest we lose out on a job is just one example. Unlike actors, we animators don't need to be as concerned with our physical appearance when it comes to getting work, but we do fall into the trap of being thought of as not tuned in to the latest software or current entertainment trends. When it comes to age categories, it's better if we stop thinking of it as "us against them" or "old folks against young people". Younger workers can benefit all of us by being the go-between, between older workers and younger production managers, and their excitement and energy can be invigorating. Older folks may struggle with software, but they perfected the modern production pipeline. The current pipeline was originally based on pencil and paper. We've always had files, file folders, production levels, and naming conventions—it's just that they used to be physical and now they're digital. AGEISM ACROSS GENERATIONS "When it comes to age categories, it's better if we stop thinking of it as 'us against them' or 'old folks against young people'." BREAKING DOWN THE GENERATIONS By Lee Crowe HOW WE CAN LEARN FROM ONE ANOTHER

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