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14 KEYFRAME I N P R O D U C T I O N After making their separate ways to Los Angeles, and while working in television animation for Sony in the early 2000s, the writer, Greg Weisman, and the artist, Brandon Vietti, started to become aware of one other. Although they didn't physically work together, over the years, Vietti directed several shows that Weisman wrote, story edited, or produced. It wasn't until 2009, however, that Sam Register, President of Warner Bros. Animation, had the fateful idea to team up Vietti and Weisman. And since both already liked each other's work, they decided, as Weisman puts it, "to give it a shot." Together, they developed the series Young Justice. Now, in its third season, the show can be found on WB's new DC Universe streaming service. Working as a producing team, Vietti and Weisman come up with all the stories. Sometimes, they start with just a germ of an idea. Sometimes, it's Weisman's; sometimes, it's Vietti's. Using colored index cards, they pin up the various ideas and scenes on a big bulletin board. Eventually, germs become scenes, and scenes become stories, which they then assign to freelance writers (although, separately, they also write several scripts themselves). But, whereas Weisman had been writing for some time, Vietti was new to the craft. And, as an artist, Vietti thinks more by drawing than by talking. "Over the years though, I've improved with the talking part," Vietti says. "My writing muscles are stronger now." WRITER AND ARTIST: A SUPER TEAM UP GREG WEISMAN STARTED HIS CAREER IN NEW YORK WRITING FOR DC COMICS. NEXT DOOR IN NEW JERSEY, BRANDON VIETTI BEGAN HIS JOURNEY AT THE KUBERT SCHOOL, LEARNING TO DRAW FOR COMIC BOOKS. OF COURSE, BACK THEN, THIS FUTURE DYNAMIC DUO DIDN'T REALIZE THAT THEY'D TEAM UP ONE DAY TO DEVELOP AND PRODUCE THE WARNER BROS. SUPERHERO SERIES YOUNG JUSTICE.

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