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Page 65 of 77 | Spring 2019 | SAG-AFTRA 63 THE HORROR OF IT ALL H orror stories usually happen on Halloween, but for actors, they can be year round. Late last year, the Chicago Local Conservatory held a fun evening of mock horror auditions at the KMRC. The setting was a mock casting office, with "staff" portrayed by Conservatory Committee members. Once actors RSVP'd, the games began. Performers were either sent sides in advance, sent the wrong sides or they were not sent any sides — only to find out at the session that they should have received sides. During the casting session, members encountered a ringing cell phone, a casting director who giggled during a dramatic read, an argument between the director and CD, having been given the wrong sides, and a CD buried deep in her cell phone. While all of these scenarios provided some snickers in the room, they were followed up by a discussion on how each scenario should be handled in an actual audition. Members Suzy Brack and Bobbie O'Connor try to keep their cool during a mock audition. not sent any sides — only to find out at the Chicago CELEBRATING IN STYLE Philadelphia Local members enjoyed the annual holiday party, celebrating a year of accomplishments and preparing for a busy 2019 at the Xfinity Live! entertainment venue on Dec. 14. Members enjoyed food and drink, as they caught up with old friends and made new ones. There was also a raffle, and some lucky celebrants went home with SAG-AFTRA swag. Philadelphia A TRIPLE SHOT OF ENTHUSIASM I t may have been two days before Valentine's Day, but the New Mexico Local was already feeling the love. New Mexico held its first member event of the year at a coffeehouse with the room at capacity. The Local Board and attending members shared stories of how they got their cards, discussed topics for future gatherings and mingled with friends old and new. Anytime you assemble a group of passionate and dedicated members who have consumed free coffee, you can bet the conversation will veer toward getting more work. They talked about the new Regional Commercials Code and about the potential impact of Netflix buying ABQ Studios and its financial commitment to producing original content in the state over the next 10 years. They also considered how best to recognize the new film- friendly governor and legislators. Finally, members discussed the importance of staying active in the union and pursuing educational opportunities so they are prepared when the work comes. The New Mexico Local Board expects to make these informal gatherings a regular part of their member outreach. New Mexico Members show their cards at the local's first Coffee Connection. CONSERVATORY PROVIDES INSIDER INSIGHT A dam Lieblein, the director of business development for Breakdown Services and a former talent agent, shared his unique perspective during a Sept. 29 workshop titled Industry Insider Insights, which took place at video production company Show Creators Inc. in Las Vegas. Using the system utilized by all major casting directors, talent agents and actors in North America, Lieblein revealed the casting process in enlightening fashion. He explained how using the free tools provided by Breakdown Services' actor website, actors access, can give performers the edge they need to be more successful. Lieblein provided an overview of the industry and offered a wealth of information on representation and management for actors, working on set, and how to operate professionally and successfully. Check out page 70 for an actors access plus discount. Nevada KIM RENEE Members at the Adam Lieblein workshop

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