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14 wholelifetimes.com By Dr. Linda Lancaster Tips and Solutions for a healthier you! REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION healthy living www.Sunburst.org/yogafest | ContactUs@Sunburst.org | 805.736.6528 Are you looking for a deep practice that will guide you to become your best self? Experience diff erent styles of yoga, with various instructors, that both engage the physical and go far deeper. Discover the real purpose of yoga: uniting with your true divine nature. • Restorative Yoga • Vraaja Yoga • Kundalini Yoga • Thai Yoga Therapy • Pranayama Yoga • Bhakti Yoga & Kirtan • Heartbeat Movement Yoga MAY 24-27, 2019 YOGAFEST Retreat A Kaleidoscope of Yoga W e are becoming aware, now more than ever before, of the challenges from environmental pollution. Man-made pollutants such as chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation are causing stress on our earth and on our human system. Everything that exists has a frequency and can affect our cells, whether it be a physical substance, or a non-physical radio wave coming from your wi-fi router. Everything is at its essence energy, or frequencies vibrating at different speeds. Some frequencies are coherent and resonate in harmony with our body. Others interfere and are incoherent, creating disharmony. We are continuously exposed to heavy metals like aluminum, lead, mercury, and arsenic from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the chemicals we ingest and apply to our bodies. They emanate a slow, magnetic frequency that can pull the energy of our cells down. Negative radiations in our environment can exert an agitating frequency that aggravates our cells and creates inflammation. We are natural beings living in unnatural times, and we all live in the same sea of environmental pollution. The impact of pollution from radiation continues to intensify as we embrace more and more technology into our daily lives. The spectrum of man-made radiation includes a range of wavelengths of energy that are much stronger than nature's and are far more complex. This includes the high-frequency radio waves of wireless technology. They are complex and layered in their impact because they are pulsed with electricity of the frequencies and wavelengths of the data being carried. High-frequency radio waves and ultra-high frequency microwaves from cell phones, cell antennas and towers, computers, routers, and Bluetooth devices are biologically disruptive. Our minds might overlook the inconvenient truth, but our energy bodies do not. As we learn to live in this new environment of pollution, we can look for ways to counteract their effect. REDUCING ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE As the amount of radiation from radio frequencies proliferates in our environments, it is important to take daily steps wherever we can to reduce our exposure. At home, wireless routers, if possible, should be turned off at night because we are more vulnerable to the effects of radiation during sleeping, when our parasympathetic nervous system is involved in resting and restoring. Wiser use of cellphones is imperative. Try to avoid holding your cell phone to your ear. When speaking, it is best to use the hands-free speaker, and text-messaging when possible. NUTRITIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Include lots of seaweed, kelp, and miso in your diet, because they are known to help clear radiation. Eat organically grown fresh fruits, such as apples, to provide the important pectin for detoxification. Eat lots of organically grown vegetables, such as beets, and sulfur-containing vegetables, like broccoli and cabbage, to detox and rebuild. Eat organically grown whole grains and legumes for rebuilding and providing the fiber needed for detoxification. Use fresh organic herbs daily (cilantro is known to reduce heavy metals) to help detox your body. Finally, be sure to spend time with Mother Earth — strengthen your electromagnetic field with meditation, contemplation, and grounding in nature. Dr. Linda Lancaster is the founder of Light Harmonics Institute, an Energy Medicine Clinic and Educational Center based in Santa Fe, NM. Her first book, Harmonic Healing, was recently published by Harmony Books. Visit lightharmonics.com.

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