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2 5 TH SAG AWA R DS S P E C I A L 41 SAG A F T R A .O R G 2 0 1 9 C E L E B R A T I N G A R T I S T S ACTORS SHARE THEIR JOURNEYS, FROM DAY JOB TO SAG AWARDS F rom the beginning, the SAG Awards has opened with an actor — and since 2003, several actors — sharing a brief personal story about the journey that enables them to say, "I Am an Actor™." So far, there have been 107 of these unique Actors Stories ® , encompassing the entire spectrum of the improbable experiences that led up to that moment. Many recall earlier days at what are euphemistically known as "day jobs." That's understandable, because while there are many paths to becoming an actor, almost all of them involve struggling to combine artistic pursuits with financial sustenance. Here are seven stories that could have been tweeted with the hashtag #actorswithdayjobs. A school bus driver, a construction worker, a coach, a bread salesman. Now I'm an actor — a good one. I'm BERNIE MAC. — 2003, The Bernie Mac Show LEF T: SCREEN ACTORS GU ILD AWARDS® ; RIG HT: SCREEN ACTORS GU ILD AWARDS® TE AM

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