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Fall 2018

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70 • THE ARTISAN FALL 2018 Photos courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures I've had the privilege of working with Robert Redford on and off for a little over 10 years now, so I was familiar with his love for the source material for The Old Man & the Gun. The story is based on a New Yorker article about Forrest Tucker, a career criminal and con man who, after multiple stints in prison, assembled a bank-robbing bunch of older men who became a true "over the hill gang." B Y C O R E Y C A S T E L L A N O DEPARTMENT HEAD MAKE-UP M A K E - U P The project sounded like a fun, old-fashioned heist movie but when Bob told me that TOM&TG would be his last film as an actor, I knew I had to be a part of creating the character for his final role. The cast was led by Robert Redford as Forrest Tucker, Casey Affleck as lawman John Hunt and Sissy Spacek as Forrest's love interest. Add in iconic actors Tom Waits and Danny Glover as gang members and then round things out with the amazingly talented Tika Sumpter and Elisabeth Moss and you realize that you're looking at a true dream team. Behind the camera was an equally powerful lineup with writer/director David Lowery and cinematographer Joe Anderson. The look and feel these two brought to the film were remarkable and were as big a part of the storytelling as the acting was. Since Redford was starring in the movie, I knew that my friend and counterpart Laine Trzinski would be doing hair on the project. I called her and we immediately began break- ing down the eras that the characters would exist in and started to work out the looks for them as well. The only real guideline from David was that, in spite of the needed character work, it was important that everyone look "real." The main challenge of this film was the roughly 20-year time span and the necessary period looks. This meant that we were faced with creating period looks on our cast and background, as well as a bit of aging and de-aging for our leads. Naturally, we were able to draw on the well-document- ed careers of our cast for reference. For Redford's more mature, post-prison look, I used a color-correcting primer to neutralize his natural ruddiness and chose a lighter color foundation. Hair Illustrator was used on his sideburns, brows and lashes. We also softened his lashline with make-up and used basic highlight and shadow to accentuate the textures and contours of his face, neck and hands. Character work like age spots and fine CONTINUED ON PAGE 72 TA L E S O F T H E OLD MAN & THE GUN From top: Robert Redford as Forrest Tucker; Keith Carradine being made up for his role as Captain Calder

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