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Fall 2018

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64 • THE ARTISAN FALL 2018 glam. The goal was, even in a vile and brutal bloody scene with dirt, the characters could still look sexy and attractive if handled properly (if one can say that about blood). Production designer Eugenio Zanetti (Promised Land) said to me once a long time ago: One should never see in a movie that gory that one cannot dream about without waking up. That profound statement has stuck with me ever since. I have no problem with blood—gore however, is not my thing. When the characters are injured in a scene, I tried to create a realistic look but at the same time, being mindful it is not too shocking so the audience doesn't have to look away or close their eyes. Drew liked that concept. The story played in a run- down motel with parking lot and rooms on either side in full view. Just from what I experienced in our Motel 6 in Holbrook, Arizona, where I stayed while working on a small Swiss inde- pendent film at the time, I was able to walk around that motel on my day off trying to envision this film's story. Bad Times at the El Royale was shot in Vancouver except some of the flashback scenes. Production designer Martin Whist did an incredible job constructing the set. I was not expecting such an amazing and beautiful set design like this. The colors, The film's executive producer, Mary McLaglen, asked me whether or not I would consider being the Department Head Make-up—rather than being Jeff Bridges' personal make-up artist on the project. She also asked if I had a problem with blood. That was a first … nobody had ever asked me that question before. Jeff and I have a long-standing relationship and have been working together ever since we met on Seabiscuit in 2001. I wanted to read the script first and have a conversation with director/producer Drew Goddard and Jeff to see whether or not this was a possibility or option (whenever I am the department head on a movie and Jeff is in it, I make sure that by running the department, it does not conflict with the attention his character may require). The film is an ensemble peace with incredible actors who are all equally important to the narrative. I ended up accept- ing the department head invitation. I wanted to be part of the creative team and have input and impact to the visual outcome of the movie. Drew and I spoke before production about the film. We talked about the style of the film. He wanted old Hollywood Adventures EL ROYALE B Y T H O M A S N E L L E N JOURNEYMAN MAKE-UP ARTIST AND DEPARTMENT HEAD & A N N E C A R R O L L IATSE–BASED IN VANCOUVER DEPARTMENT HEAD HAIR Photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation AT THE T here is nothing more exciting than sharing an experience with your peers and that was from the begin- ning to the end of the red carpet premiere of the movie, a great and unforgettable adventure. Bad Times at the El Royale was exactly that and it turned into really great time while shooting the film!

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