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Made in the USA by a Bunch of Fanatics Listening. SMDWB Wideband Transmitter You listen. You take the wireless products into the real world and listen to the audio they deliver. This is where theory meets reality in world now filled with interference and noise. Your job is to capture superb audio quality in spite of the congested RF environment. A wide variety of different sources of RF and electrical interference and noise can pollute the audio, or even render a wireless system useless. It is input from you that directs us toward design changes and new product development. We listen to you. Your input influences the design of every product, and we sincerely appreciate it. Design of analog, hybrid and digital systems is becoming more complex all the time, further complicated by the growing congestion in the RF environment. All this adds up to some hefty design challenges, but the fact is, we thrive on the opportunity to advance the product designs. The saga continues... ZMT3 PHANTOM 2 QRX200 WIDE-BAND DIGITAL RECORDING WIRELESS WITH ENHANCED RANGE AND AUTOMATIC TRACKING FRONT END RECEIVER FILTER DIGITAL MODULATION 100% digital modulation for superior quality ENCRYPTED AUDIO keeps transmitted audio private | 973-835-5000 LIGHT AND VERSATILE THE ULTIMATE IN RECEIVER FLEXIBILITY records and transmits at the same time accepts both lavalier and phantom microphones smallest, lightest phantom powered transmitter available C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Zaxcom_CAS-PSV_ZMT-QRX_HR.pdf 1 7/24/18 9:05 AM

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