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18 From top: IA member & Charlotte City Councilman Braxton Winston spoke before the YW Conference 2018; Local 695 YWC Co-chairs Nathan Whitcomb, IA President Matt Loeb, and Aaron Eberhardt YOUNG WORKERS IN ACTION In September 2018, Local 695 Young Workers Committee Co-chairs Nathan Whitcomb and Aaron Eberhardt had the privilege of attending the 3rd Biennial Young Workers Conference in Silver Springs, Maryland. This year's two-day conference was packed with educational seminars on US labor history, rhetoric, and political action. The co-chairs made excellent connections during networking opportunities and had tremendous positive takeaways for our Local as a whole. Here is their report: This last September, Nathan Whitcomb, along with Aaron Eberhardt, had the honor of representing Local 695 at the IA Young Workers Committee Conference in Silver Springs, Maryland. This was the second time that the 695 YWC has attended this conference, with Tim O'Malley and Eva Rismanforoush having attended the previous conference in 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. We partook in a full slate of workshops on a range of topics, including the long history and structure of the IA, a rundown on current national labor issues, the importance of union solidarity in our national economy, proper copyright law, and strategies for making pro- labor arguments and when speaking to politicians and other nonunion audiences. We learned many useful tips and tricks on how to relate to these audiences and how to establish a safe and more neutral environment for these often charged conversations. We also acquired the answers to mysteries like what really goes on at IA Board NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS meetings, and the logic behind assigning Local numbers (there is none). We were also able to hear from several inspiring guest speakers from across the country. The first, Braxton Winston, is an IA member who was recently elected to the Charlotte City Council. He spoke heavily on the importance of becoming involved in your city's local politics and representing your local union with pride. IA President Matthew Loeb also stopped by to address the conference and congratulate us on becoming the leaders of the future. While the official programming was truly outstanding, we felt the most valuable part of the conference was the chance to meet and network with many YWC chairs from across the country. We took home a lot of valuable ideas for future Young Workers events. Several of the other Southern California locals were represented as well, and together we made plans for future collaborations between all our YWCs, including fundraising events for the I.A.T.S.E. Political Action Committee. We thank our Local 695 Board of Directors for sending us to this year's conference, and we look forward to integrating our newly acquired knowledge to help our Young Workers Committee and our Local thrive. IA Young Workers of Los Angeles canvassing. On Nov. 4, Local 695 members Heather Fink, John Wassel, and Nathan Whitcomb joined the IA Young Workers of Los Angeles to canvass for Katie Hill, the pro-labor candidate for California's 25th Congressional District. Katie would go on to win her tightly contested race in this traditionally conservative district.

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