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14 NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS In addition to adding two sources of increased funding to our Pension and Health plans, the newly ratified contract contains these items that you should be aware of: POLITICS The New Basic Agreement Is Ratified: New Provisions in 2018 • Term of the Contract: This contract runs from August 1, 2018, through July 31, 2021. • Three Percent Wage Increase: The three percent wage increase is retroactive to August 1, 2018 and applies to all work covered under the Basic Agreement. The payroll companies are now calculating all back payments owed since August 1 and will sending out checks soon. • Increased Rest Periods: This change will take place ninety days from the 10/10/18 date of ratification: For local and near- by daily and weekly hires, there will be a ten-hour turnaround (increased nine hours) on miniseries and on one-hour and 1 /2- hour single-camera series beginning with the second season. For features and long-form productions, ten-hour turnaround will apply after two consecutive fourteen-hour days worked. • Mandatory Courtesy Housing or Transportation: For work in excess of fourteen hours in the Thirty-mile Zone and twelve hours in the Secondary Zone, courtesy housing, or transportation home and back to work the next day, must be provided upon request. • Mid-Budget New Media Productions Are No Longer "Fully Negotiable": For productions where previously the wages, terms, and conditions were "fully negotiable," the New Media sideletter now provides wages, terms, and conditions on "mid-budget productions" made for initial exhibition on a Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. The new Mid-Budget Tier is defined as: • 20–35 minutes $900,000–$1,300,000 • 36–65 minutes $1,750,000–$2,500,000 • 66 minutes + $2,100,000–$3,000,000 • On these productions, the following mid-budget terms and conditions apply: • Special conditions for Long-form Television Motion Pictures Sideletter with staffing and roster requirements as per the existing provision for the sub-high-budget SVOD new media productions. • Wages shall be long-form wages with a two-year lag. • Higher Budget New Media Productions Follow the Full Basic: On New Media SVOD features budgeted at over $30 million (which previously followed the Long-form Sideletter), the wages, terms and conditions of the full Basic Agreement will now apply. Paragraph 106 applies. Three-person crew now included on Mid-Budget Tier pro- ductions. • The Rest of Huntington Beach: The Secondary Zone will now expand a few blocks to include all of Huntington Beach. • Canadian Holiday Swap: If you're working in Canada, the Producer can now, at their option and with advance notice, swap Victoria Day for Memorial Day, and swap Canada Day for Independence Day. • New Media Roster Is Eliminated: In addition to elimi- nating the New Media Roster, all qualified workdays that were listed on the New Media Roster have been moved over to the Industry Experience Roster • Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce: The Taskforce will consist of representatives from the IATSE and the AMPTP and will review existing initiatives and develop new ones aimed at increasing employment of underrepresented groups. • Stipend for Safety Pass Training Will Increase: Beginning August 4, 2019, the stipend for Safety Pass training taken both in-person and online will increase to $20 per hour. NOTE: As of now, ALL Local 695-required Safety Pass training is available online. • More Time to Complete Safety Pass Training: The deadline to complete required Safety Passport is now extended from ninety days to six months. • No Givebacks, No Concessions: This contract contains no reduction in terms and conditions.

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