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46 KEYFRAME On Nov. 18, 1928, the world was introduced to a cheerful mouse whistling "Steamboat Bill" in Disney's Steamboat Willie. His name was Mickey. This year, the iconic mouse turns 90 and remains one of the most recognizable characters ever created. "Mickey is just so appealing in every way—in his design, character, and stories," says Eddie Trigueros, a storyboard artist and director on the Mickey Mouse shorts. Shorts Director Alonso Ramirez Ramos credits Mickey's playfulness and childlike wonder as two reasons why the character continues to resonate with audiences today. Over the years, Mickey has transformed, changed and evolved. But in 2013, Mickey revisited his roots in the Mickey Mouse Disney animated shorts. "Paul Rudish created this new iteration of Mickey, inspired by the 1930's 'rubber- hose' style cartoons," says Ramos, who together with Trigueros won an Annie Award last year for their work on the shorts. "He wanted to give it a modern spin without losing sight of what's been done in the past." Ramos appreciates this unique opportunity to create new Mickey stories for a global audience: "I get to deep dive into the character, and I often find myself thinking at night, 'What is Mickey feeling?'" MICKEY TURNS 90! F I N A L N O T E ©Disney ©Disney

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