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November 2018

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Just as the old woody roots of a grapevine settle deep in the rocks and soil to provide a constant source of water to the plant, the dedication to developing your identity and purpose as a sommelier eventually becomes a constant source of inspiration to learn, discover, and continue to grow your career. The CIA's dedication to every aspect of the food and beverage industry has been inspiring us for decades to create professional development opportunities, not only for our graduates but for all our constituents and partners. The Sommelier Summit is no exception. During this fast-paced, multifaceted summit, we provide networking, skill-building, and sensory training to both new and up-and-coming wine and beverage professionals. This showcases what the CIA does best: teaching and learning, tasting and savoring, meeting new people and seeing old friends—all in the spirit of enjoying the pleasures of the table. This year, we look inward and drill down to some of the ways we can express who we are and what we value in the world of wine, beverage, and hospitality. During the 2019 CIA Sommelier Summit, our speakers, educators, sponsors, and mentors will help you discover new insights in a glass of wine without having to "nail it" every time. They'll coach you on how to use your unique skills and personality to perfect your communication, track restaurant industry trends, and taste wines in the moment while considering their humble beginnings and hopeful future. And they'll celebrate the rock steady foundation of Napa Valley, which has allowed us to dig in our heels while looking at the stars for over 130 years. We'll share time with Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, authors, scientists, top vintners, and specialists from around the country, with excellent wines from around the world. After hearing from myriad experts—some with decades of experience and success, and others who have caused more recent revolutions in the industry—you'll be invigorated to map out your own path so you can enjoy the journey as well as the achievements. At The Culinary Institute of America, we like to "dig in" in other ways too: with delicious meals, exciting food and beverage interludes, professional kitchens, and world class chefs who make sure you understand the meaning of gastronomical nirvana. Be sure to check out our website ( and follow us on social media (@ciaatcopia) for special updates about summit speakers, sponsors, sessions, and tastings. We hope you can join us for what is sure to be a fun, productive start to 2019, and a true lesson in every glass. 4TH ANNUAL CIA SOMMELIER SUMMIT | JANUARY 27-29, 2019 |

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