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Page 3 of 43 2 POST SEPTEMBER 2018 EDITOR'S NOTE his month, I had a chance to speak with a number of audio pros regarding tools they've found to help work more creatively and efficiently. Not surprisingly, many of them are DAW plug-ins. So how much were they willing to spend on a plug-in? Well, it all seems to depend on the type of work they are doing and the frequency that they'll be using it. Emmy-winning mixer Sue Pelino, who recently moved over to Sim in New York City from Broadway Video, says that the Penteo 7 Pro Suite and Izotope's RX are two 'must haves' in her toolbox. "I guess the $1,500 range," she says of price point. "We definitely would have a group deci- sion between our three mixers and engineering department." Pelino says the team would all agree on the need for Izotope's RX package, which works across the studio's slate of reality, documentary and music projects. Izotope announced Version 7 of RX this month, further improving its restoration tools, and adding mix features that now allow users to rebalance elements in a stereo mix or remove vocals from a song. Sony Pictures' supervising sound editor Mark Lanza always has several plug-ins on-hand for his sound design and mixing duties, including releases from Krotos and Syncro Arts. "It's what I need for a certain job, or what I think looks super cool," he says. "I don't know what I am going to use it for yet, but I am going to learn it!" Tonsturm Traveler, the Doppler plug-in, was one that he knew he had to have. "Tonstrum was just so cool," he recalls. "I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but I said, 'I am getting that.'" Izotope, he continues, "is kind of expensive, but it's indispensible. You can't touch dialogue without knowing Izotope. It's kind of mandatory." Turn to page 26 for more insight from pros into problem-solving solutions for audio post. And visit our Website — — for a number of exclusives that you'll only find online. ast month's SIGGRAPH showed some solid signs of life, as more than 16,500 attendees from around the world attended the 45 th annual conference in Vancouver. There were also nearly 160 exhibitors on the show floor, each showing off the latest technologies, products and solutions. In all, it was a bustling show, with attendees having a chance to get up close to the latest innovations in computer graphics and interactive techniques, including advancements in virtual, augmented and mixed reality (as well as location-based VR), AI, robotics and realtime everything! Attendees had a chance for hands-on demos, to hear industry leaders speak and choose from nearly 700 papers, courses, lectures, installations, artwork and experiences. The biggest show news came from Nvidia, with company founder and CEO Jensen Huang announcing the "world's first ray tracing GPU" with the introduction of the Nvidia Turing GPU architecture and the first Turing-based Quadro products — the Quadro RTX 8000, RTX 6000 and RTX 5000 GPUs. Foundry further discussed the advancement of Athera, its cloud-based technology for VFX artists, as well as its launch of Nuke 11.2 and updates to Mari and Katana. Vicon released its location-based VR system Origin (and what a demo it was, with the help of Dreamscape for an interactive, three-person VR adventure), while OptiTrack previewed its latest technology in VR player tracking and full body motion capture with its lightweight Active Puck Mini. HP made some noise with its HP Mars Home Planet VR Experience, with help from Nvidia, Unreal Engine and Technicolor. Chaos Group showed off its V-Ray Cloud, AMD offered its Radeon Pro WX 8200 and Lenovo introduced its ThinkPad P1. Other highlights included the show's keynote from Rob Bredow, senior vice president, exec- utive creative director and head of Industrial Light & Magic, who recently lead the visual effects team for Solo: A Star Wars Story (see my interview with Rob in June 2018 Post or online at There was also the premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios' first VR short, Cycles, from director Jeff Gipson (page 4). And, in keeping with SIGGRAPH tradition, Jon Peddie held his annual press luncheon, featuring a number of industry pros discussing 'virtual studios.' You can find show highlights in this issue, in Bits & Pieces on page 4, in our show review on page 10, or by visiting us online at for more extensive coverage! 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