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PAT R O N S | FA L L 2 0 1 8 29 i n yo u r c o m m u n i t y 5 9 10 6 8 7 11 12 1. (front) Nadine Bobit, Sigrid Allman, Laura Schenasi, (back) Song Klein, Christy Abraham, Vicky Mar, Ann Zimmerman. 2.Jilhani Syed, MD, Robert Figlin, MD, Veronica Lopes, Hugo Hool, MD, Priscilla Hunt, Craig Leach, David Chan, MD, Mark Lurie, MD, Torrance Mayor Pat Furey. 3. Nadine Bobit, Christina Pavesi, Phil Pavesi. 4. Ruth Daniels, Patricia Sacks, MD, Harv Daniels, Connie Senner. 5. Craig Leach, Judy Leach, David Chan, MD, Heidi Assigal. 6. Phil Pavesi, Priscilla Hunt, Mark Lurie, MD. 7. Judith Gassner, Charloe Lesser, Ann Zimmerman. 8. Barbara Demming Lurie, Mark Lurie, MD. 9. Aarika Simmons, Trip Simmons, Ralph Moore, Elito Santarina, Priscilla Hunt, Brenda Nowotka, Sara Moore, Ryan Moore, Saxon Nowotka. 10. Louis Graziadio, Craig Leach. 11. Sherry Kramer, Richard Elbaum. 12. Heidi Hoffman, MD and Rich Lucy.

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