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18 KEYFRAME IDLE THOUGHTS Photos by David Yeh Last month, almost 170 members attended a mixer held on August 14th at Idle Hour in Burbank and sponsored by Adobe and XP-Pen. "We want to create opportunities for our members to catch up with past coworkers and meet new friends in a relaxed, safe environment, where we all can speak freely about union business and our experiences at different studios," says TAG Board Member Jeanette Moreno King, who also heads up the Events Committee. "Our work can be nomadic so a mixer gives us a chance to reconnect with one another. It fosters good will and cohesiveness, making our union stronger!" 1. Dorothea Schoentag and Joe Binggeli 2. Grace Pickering, Angelo Di Nallo, and Brooke Keesling 3. Sarah Oleksyk, Nora Meek, David Van Tuyle, and Brianne Van Tuyle 4. David Shair and Josh Weisbrod 5. Marie Story 6. Jacob Hollander, Jeanette King, and Ray Kosarin 7. front: Lis Savic, Sophie Kim, and Marie Bower back: Andrew Marshel and George Yang 8. in front: Gina Gress and Tony Unser with friends 9. Kai Akira and Sakari Singh 10. Kaya Dzankich, Mick Cassidy, and Dominick Polcino 11. Ken Roskos on an XP-Pen tablet 12. Rick Moser with his dog ,Otter 13. Sydney Sharp, Arielle Rosenstein, and Pete Michels 1 2 3 4 5 S O C I A L H O U R

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