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Where to Drink It PHOTO: HARDY WILSON NEW YORK CITY: Jacob's Pickles Priscilla Young specializes in gin cocktails at Brasserie S&P. SAN FRANCISCO: Brasserie S&P at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Beverage manager Priscilla Young tasted through 93 gins before choosing 35 for the recently opened Brasserie S&P in San Francisco's Mandarin Oriental. Farmer's Gin made the cut. "It's distinctive in its signature with very crisp lavor proiles. You can taste the juniper and coriander and the lemon rind, she says. " "I loved the story behind it as well—being organic and sourcing the botanicals from neighboring farmers— because when it comes to sourcing my ingredients, I look to my neighbors for inspiration. " What set the spirit apart for her was its simplicity, which allowed her to create a cocktail program that relected the very speciic hallmarks of a Mandarin Oriental property: Asian spices and lorality and very high production values. Her bar relies on ingredients with a foreign whisper—things such as basil, lemongrass, mint and kafir lime leaves. "Since Farmer's has by Priscilla Young lemon and lemongrass, ◗ 3 oz. Farmer's Gin I wanted to really play ◗ ½ oz. VYA Extra Dry that up—it was the most prominent lavor Vermouth ◗ 2 dashes of orange bitters proile I was getting, " Young says. "I wanted ◗ Stir and strain. Squeeze and to keep it simple and classic and sell the drink discard a lemon twist. on their story. " Farmer's Gin Martini Last year, the Upper West Side inally got its own hip locally-sourced eating and drinking spot when Jacob Hadjigeorgis opened his unique restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue. Combining country comfort and urban chic, Jacob's Pickles taps into all the hot trends that have migrated into Manhattan from Brooklyn: artisanal foods and ingredients, a focus on DIY condiments and a preference for all things small-batch. That's where Farmer's Gin comes in. "Everything is done here. We take time and put the love in our ingredients, says " Hadjigeorgis, son Chatham's Joe Magliocco with Jacob of a restaurateur Hadjigeorgis of Jacob's Pickles. who hails all the way from Astoria, Queens. "We're careful about where we source our ingredients, which is why we have Farmer's Gin. The philosophy behind it matches our philosophy: sustainable, small batch—it's a gin for the new generation, he says. "It's a fresh approach: clean " and aromatic at the same time. It had so much potential in our spirit program. " Hadjigeorgis has so much conidence in Farmer's that it graces the entire back wall of the bar, where its apothecary-style bottle syncs with the general-store feel of the restaurant. Hadjigeorgis chooses only two or by Jacob Hadjigeorgis three spirits in each ◗ 3 oz. Farmer's Gin category, preferring to ◗ 3 oz. fresh-squeezed keep it simple. "We take our pickles lemonade ◗ 1 egg white very seriously, he " ◗ 1 oz. homemade lavender said. "They're used throughout our menu, syrup ◗ Splash of lavender bitters so Farmer's had to work with our menu, ◗ Mix all ingredients in a clear and we found that the spice notes in the tumbler, shake and top with gin, particularly the a lemon twist garnish. Finish coriander, paired nicely with a splash of club soda. with them. " Lavender Gin Fizz january 2013 / the tasting panel / 7 A ar C

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