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Page 6 of 57 | Summer 2018 | SAG-AFTRA 5 G A B R I E L L E C A R T E R I S A Letter from the President "Sharing our interests, concerns, ideas and information is crucial to building alliances that can withstand the disruptions of rapid technological changes and globalization." Dear Member, A s I reflect on the meaningful work of our union, it is clear that your contributions, commitment and activism are moving us forward in truly inspirational ways. The world we are building together is one in which, as SAG-AFTRA members, we have a defining voice, whether it be in our work, industry or country — where every achievement leads to a better and brighter future. This can be seen in several of the negotiations we have just completed, starting with the partnership we have forged with the young content creators and influencers of the SVOD platform Zeus. This new network now has union coverage under SAG-AFTRA. With more than 120 million followers, Zeus' dynamic content creators — our members — are a significant part of both the present and future of entertainment and we are proud to have them in our union family (see page 32). We are also proud to welcome our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters with the ratification of the first Telemundo contract. A first contract with Telemundo is monumental. With it there are provisions and crucial protections that include residuals, guaranteed minimums, and a pension and health plan. The Telemundo telenovela actors will work under union contract terms, creating a strong foundation from which to build and setting an important precedent for Spanish-language media in the United States. There are no words to adequately praise the courageous efforts of this community that resulted in the successful NLRB election at Telemundo. It was the first time in 65 years in which a group of actors from a major television network sought a unionization election, and it's a major milestone for Spanish-speaking performers. I congratulate the Telemundo actors, our extraordinary member negotiating committee, lead negotiators, organizers and staff. The Telemundo agreement is just one example of the extraordinary work of your union. At the same time, while we were working on organizing these new contracts, we were also negotiating one of SAG-AFTRA's most mature contracts, the Network Television Code. As chair of this negotiating committee, I am proud of the work done by our members and staff. We achieved substantial gains for members in several economic areas and were able to negotiate a groundbreaking provision based on the union's Guideline No. 1, which directly and specifically addresses sexual harassment. This contract language was developed with actor members on the Sexual Harassment Work Group, a part of the President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Safety. The recognition of this provision works toward the systemic change necessary in helping to protect performers. Over the last several years, as we have been organizing new employers and negotiating contracts, we have also been strengthening relationships with performers unions across the globe. Sharing our interests, concerns, ideas and information is crucial to building alliances that can withstand the disruptions of rapid technological changes and globalization. And supporting universal standards helps to protect us no matter where we live or work. We have been focusing on meetings with actor unions across the globe — from British Equity to the Danish Actors Association — exchanging information and exploring collaborative strategic alliances and globalizing our outlook to better meet the globalized industry. Understanding the changes occurring on a global and domestic level, I want to recognize with admiration and respect everyone who is focused on our upcoming commercials negotiations. We are committed to educating and engaging our membership so that we can enter next year's crucial negotiations with the power of insight, vision and clarity. This work touches the broadest swath of our membership and we are looking to you to add your input and experiences to the process. Please join us in attending the commercials wages and working conditions meetings beginning this fall. In closing, though SAG-AFTRA is not a partisan union, it is incumbent on us as citizens and union members, whatever your perspective, to remain informed about our union and our country. It's crucial to know what's going on in and outside the industry, and understand how politics at the state and national levels impact our livelihoods — particularly regarding the so-called "right-to-work" laws that exist solely to undermine unions. With that knowledge, we can move from thought to action. Vote and get involved. We have a lot to do and I — along with 160,000 of our fellow members — am ready to continue working for a better tomorrow. As always, our unity is our strength. In unity, Gabrielle Carteris

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