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Page 52 of 57 | Summer 2018 | SAG-AFTRA 51 Patricia Morison 5/20/18 C.J. Morrow 3/30/18 Robin S. Moseley 3/19/18 Wood Moy 11/8/17 Ronn Munro 4/9/18 Jason Murphy 3/19/18 Matt Murphy 6/15/18 Kate Murtagh 9/10/17 Jack Naughton 4/4/18 Richard James Neilan 7/8/17 Charles Neville 4/26/18 Sam Nicotero 10/3/16 Gary Nixon 3/29/18 Hazzir Noble 4/26/18 John Nordlum 1/31/18 Mel Novick 4/15/18 Russell Nype 5/27/18 Bob O'Brien 4/24/18 Tim O'Connor 4/5/18 Jackson Odell 6/8/18 Kenny O'Dell 3/27/18 Bob O'Donnell 2/23/18 Alan Ogle 10/30/17 Patricia O'Grady 3/12/18 Yolande O'Leary 6/5/18 George Olsey 11/9/17 Alan O'Neill 6/6/18 Lyla Hay Owen 4/23/18 Ferdie Pacheco 11/16/17 Richard Pacheco 10/7/17 Catherine Palmer-Devalera 3/27/18 Norman Panto 2/24/18 John Paratore 4/26/18 Scott J. Paridon 8/24/17 Savannah Alyn Patterson 6/15/18 George C. Peck 5/9/18 Dani Pedlow 6/6/18 Anthony T. Pepper 4/10/18 Frank Ray Perilli 3/8/18 Kathryn Perry 9/2/17 Herb Peterson 3/19/18 Penny Peterson 3/5/18 Edward A Pfeiffer 6/22/17 William Edward Phipps 6/1/18 Walter W. Pine 8/26/17 Beverly Piper 6/7/18 Frank M. Porter 4/10/18 Mikey Post 4/16/18 Hank Prehodka 1/21/18 Jeff Prettyman 3/31/17 Frank "Killjoy" Pucci 3/18/18 Rita Rae 4/24/18 Robert Raiford 11/17/17 Janet Margaret Rains 8/23/17 Craig T. Raisner 3/2/18 Paul J. Raley 6/6/15 Steven Raulerson 4/17/18 Richard R. Raymond 8/21/16 Claudia Ann Reame 12/19/17 Hank Reardon 9/10/17 Gerri Reddick 2/5/18 Floyd Reichman 3/19/18 Joseph Patrick Reiling 10/7/17 Barbara Dodd Remsen 3/8/18 Marc Renfroe 6/4/18 Kathryn Reynolds 4/24/17 Louise Reynolds 3/8/18 Adrian Ricard 12/29/16 Kevin Rice 12/25/17 Brad D. Richmond 6/5/18 Tony Rigo 4/30/18 Will Roberts 10/30/16 Roberta Robinson 12/5/16 Will Rogers 4/19/18 Kristin Rohde 12/5/16 Joseph S. Roman 11/5/17 Margo Romano 6/25/18 Neal B. Rosenau 3/2/18 Donald Ross 6/1/18 Morris Rossenfeld 4/19/18 Richard A. Roth 3/17/17 Vicky Ruane 2/13/18 Jerry Rubinstein 4/6/18 Alton Ruff 2/1/18 Jerry Rushing 7/23/17 Jim L. Rust 4/17/18 Francine Saltz 6/19/18 Marty Sammon 9/14/17 Gil Santos 4/19/18 David Sargent 11/24/15 Audrey Saunders 5/15/18 Connie Sawyer 1/21/18 Cristie Schoen 3/15/15 Pab Schwendimann 3/13/18 Robert Stanley Scott 5/16/18 Suzzanna Scott 3/19/18 Randy Scruggs 4/17/18 Max Segar 1/29/18 Gary L. Seger 6/22/17 Kelly Shannon 5/16/18 Marje Sheridan 4/23/18 Sylvia Short 4/14/18 William Shust 3/14/18 Dave Silvestri 3/26/18 DAN INGRAM, a celebrated New York disc jockey and dedicated unionist who received the union's prestigious gold card award, died June 24 at the age of 83. Ingram was a beloved radio presence on WABC and WCBS in New York who drew multitudes of listeners with his clever wordplay and altered versions of popular songs. He lampooned songs, commercials and even himself with his irreverent wit. Ingram was a powerful presence in the lives of his listeners — for many he was as important as the music — and he inspired countless young people to pursue careers in radio. Just as he was there for his legions of fans, he was tirelessly supportive of his fellow broadcasters, often attending negotiations that didn't benefit him personally. Ingram became a union member in 1956. An early supporter of merger, he served on numerous committees and on the national and local boards of both Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. His union service spanned from the 1980s through the 2000s, including service as first vice president of the AFTRA New York Local and as a national vice president for SAG. His commitment to his fellow members earned him — and his wife Maureen Donnelly, a longtime National Board member — the George Heller Memorial Award gold card in 2005. Greatly respected in his field, Ingram was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2007. EUGENE FRANCIS, an actor, writer and founding board member of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, died April 10 at 100 years old. Francis worked on TV series in the 1950s such as Matinee Theatre, The George Sanders Mystery Theater and The Loretta Young Show and played Algy in the East Side Kids films in the 1940s. Francis' career as an actor, writer and activist for performing artists goes back to the days of AFRA and the Television Authority, which later merged to become AFTRA. Francis served more than two decades as a SAG National and New York Branch Board member, and was elected to terms as recording secretary and national vice president. He lived and worked to see his unions merge as SAG-AFTRA in 2012 and its Foundations to become the SAG-AFTRA Foundation in 2015. He also saw service as a member of the Council of the Actors' Equity Association. Francis was elected as a founding board member of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation in 1985, now SAG-AFTRA Foundation, serving for 33 years as a board member up until his passing. "He loved his fellow actors and dedicated many, many hours of his life to performing artists everywhere," said son Stephen Francis.

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