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48 SAG-AFTRA | Summer 2018 | On Location OUTREACH IS THE WORD T he Portland Local's commitment to educating its membership, expanding work opportunities and creating a connected, energized culture in the Pacific Northwest has been on full display as it rolls firmly into 2018. New and experienced SAG-AFTRA members gathered for a new member orientation in March. In April, around 50 members and prospective members joined Howard Keel Award winner Sheldon Smith as he presented his renowned seminar on "flipping the job" — turning a non-union production into a union one. Later that month, the Portland Local presented Contracts Happy Hour for a mixed audience of producers, content creators, agents and actors. The evening combined business and pleasure with opportunities to mingle and share information on SAG-AFTRA's new contracts, such as the Pacific Northwest Regional Commercials Code and Digital Commercial Waiver. "Our board has been working hard to increase the feeling of union presence in our market, and that has produced great results," said Portland Local President Robert Blanche. "To see so many members showing up and getting involved is very exciting." Portland Local Board member Michelle Damis addresses attendees at April's Contracts Happy Hour. Portland JEFF ROSIK CONTRACTS AND COCKTAILS T he San Francisco-Northern California Local hosted a Contracts and Cocktails evening in March. The focus was to bring together members and pre-members of the local voiceover community to stimulate discussion on recapturing voiceover work. The local was pleased to host National Director of Organizing Steve Sidawi and members of the organizing staff, who were in town for the Game Developers Conference. The evening began at the San Francisco office with a lively and informative discussion focusing on voiceover contract education, including interactive and audiobooks contracts, as well as the local Co/Ed waiver. Attendees then adjourned to a lovely establishment on the Embarcadero, where conversation and beverages flowed. It was a successful evening, allowing staff, members and pre-members to interact face to face and share information. San Francisco- Northern California B ack by popular demand — former Chicago member Jim Dougherty presented his self-taping class to two capacity crowds at the Chicago Kaufherr Members Resource Center in February. Dougherty has had incredible success self-taping for television series and films. He shared his wisdom on how to be prepared to tape from anywhere on a moment's notice. Dougherty went over lighting issues, backdrop options and sound and microphone tricks. Self-taping has become so important to the auditioning process for members in the mid-size and smaller markets, that this workshop has been repeated every year for the past four years. Chicago MEMBER TEACHES SELF-TAPING GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING A BIG SUCCESS N early 100 members turned out for the annual meeting at the IATSE Catering Hall in Philadelphia on May 16 to hear reports from National Board member John Mitchell, Local President Sam Clover, Executive Director Stephen Leshinski and Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon, among others. In addition to the valuable information and Q&A, radio station WMMR-FM was recognized for 50 years of broadcasting in the Philadelphia market. On hand to accept the acknowledgement were staff personalities Markus Goldman and shop steward/ market icon Pierre Robert. From left, National Board member John Mitchell, WMMR shop steward Pierre Robert, Markus Goldman of WMMR, Philadelphia Local President Sam Clover. Philadelphia

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