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August / September 2018

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{ } 35 Introducing J'NOON The newest addition to the Boisset Collec- tion family is J'NOON, an ultra-premium luxury brand made with world-class grapes grown in India. The genesis of this ambitious project unfolded in 2015, when Boisset was introduced to Kapil Sekhri, co- founder of Indian winery Fratelli Vineyards. Known for its high-quality releases, the winery is located in Akluj, a small town in the Solapur district of Maharashtra southeast of Mumbai. Fratelli's 240 acres of vineyards comprise French and Italian grape varieties planted on a mixture of sandy, rocky, and clay-based soils along the right bank of the Nira River. Inspired by the fusion of India's singular culture and beauty, Boisset and Sekhri's collaboration is the first of its kind to produce luxury wines on Indian soil which will then be marketed outside the country. Named for the Urdu word for passion, "junoon," the collection encompasses 2,400 limited-edition bottles of red, white, and sparkling wines made with hand - picked grapes from the Fratelli estate vineyards. Boisset and his Sonoma Coun- ty–based Director of Winemaking Brian Maloney, who joined the team the same year Boisset Collection acquired DeLoach Vineyards, oversaw the production of the finished blends. "The goal of the project is to capture the terroir of the site and the true flavors of India inside each bottle we produce," says Maloney, who attended the official U.S. launch of the brand, hosted by Boisset and his wife Gina Gallo, in early June at Raymond Vineyards in St. Helena, California. The JCB No. 47, an elegant sparkling wine, draws its name from the year India gained its independence: 1947. Made with 100 percent Chardonnay grown in the sandy soils of Motewadi, this single-vineyard gem is crafted in the méthode traditionnelle style, with the early stage of fermentation performed in French oak barrels and the second in bottle. The end result is an elegant wine with alluring aromas of green apple, citrus, fresh baked brioche, roasted nuts, and subtle spices. On the palate, deeper notes of tropical fruits, exotic melons, and minerals accent the tangy flavors as they lead to a long, dry finish. In the still-wine category, the J'NOON White blends 60% Chardonnay and 40% Sauvignon Blanc grown in the sandy and rocky soils of Garwar. Aged for 12 months in a combination of French oak barrels and stainless-steel tanks, this captivating wine features fragrant aromas alongside lively flavors of fresh stone fruits, poached pear, melon, lime, lemongrass, jasmine, wild sage, and honey. "We wanted to make sure the acidity was prominent and the spice was not overwhelming the mouth. After all, I'm a very sensitive Frenchman, so the ultimate goal of this wine is balance," Boisset says with a smile. To cater to the rapid growth of red- wine consumption in the Indian market, the J'NOON Red is an intriguing proprie - tary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangio- vese, Petit Verdot, and Marselan (a French hybrid of Grenache Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon). Dark, rich, and full-bodied, the finished wine exudes deep notes of wild berries, black currants, and cherry ac - cented with nuances of fresh violets, dark chocolate, clove, cedar, and pipe tobacco. As the wine opens up, abundant layers of fruit and spice are balanced with a smooth texture, well-integrated tannins, firm structure, and a long, silky finish, making it a generous and harmonious pairing with spicy sauces and decadent Indian cuisine. "When we started, we all realized there will be many pages to this story and an evolution as the brand develops," Boisset says. "We are excited to be the audacious innovators to do this together." The Boisset Collection and Fratelli Vineyard connect France, California, and India through a trio of expressions: Sparkling JCB No. 47, J'NOON Red, and J'NOON White. PHOTO: DAKOTA MOFFIT Celebrating the inaugural release of J'NOON Wines with the brand's co-founders: Kapil Sekhri of Fratelli Vineyards (top) and Jean-Charles Boisset of Boisset Collections (center left). PHOTO: KEITH ROSENTHAL

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