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10 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2018 Our Officers and Board members have a personal accountability to the entire membership, they are the voice of the represented. They must commit to the position, attend the required meetings and keep current in every aspect of the Local's dealings. All members from all classifications are equally eligible to run for office whether you are in film and television, commercials, theater, new media, a regional member or work at Disneyland. Don't be afraid to commit, to become involved. Now is the time to ask, "How can I make a difference?" Step forward and help lead us into the future! Sincerely and fraternally, Susan Cabral-Ebert President, IATSE Local 706 Election Timeline GUILD NEWS GUILD NEWS GUILD NEWS According to our Local 706 Constitution, By-Laws and Working Rules, nominations for the next three- year period (2019-2021) were officially declared "in order" on July 2, 2018. Nomination ballots have been mailed to all active members in good standing. Please read carefully and follow the directions listed so that your nomination will be counted. Both the election timeline and the work affidavit are available on our website under the "Members Only" section. If you are unable to complete the nomination form, you may nominate (or be nominated) from the floor at our General Membership Meeting, which will be held August 19, 2018. Persons being nominated from the floor must be in attendance at this meeting to sign the official form. You are a very important part of this great demo- cratic process. The nomination of candidates for Officers, Executive Board and the Board of Trustees falls upon you. You will be nominating for election, fellow make-up artists and hair stylists to serve as your President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms and Business Representative and for our two governing Boards— the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees. All of our Officers and members of the Boards run a business, a private-sector labor union—IATSE Local 706 (Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild). As members of Local 706, we all have the responsibility to be involved, and to nominate for office, serious- minded and committed members to manage our affairs. To be eligible to run for office, you must have been a member in good standing for the last two years, and have been actively engaged in the industry within Local 706's jurisdiction and have worked for at least one hundred and twenty (120) days in the last 36 months. (Time served as an Officer or Board member counts toward the 120 days.) Any member who takes Honorable Withdrawal or is suspended within that time frame will be considered ineligible. To determine your eligibility, please call Diane at extension 1103. IATSE Local 706 Elections August 10, 2018 Deadline for receipt of completed nomination forms by Secretary-Treasurer at Local 706 office. May be accompanied by documentary evidence establishing that the nominee is eligible to run for elective office. August 19, 2018 Secretary-Treasurer announces the names of all candidates, nominated by mail or drop off, at General Membership Meeting (GMM) August 19. Chair then declares nominations from the floor "in order." Nominations may be closed at the end of the GMM or the deadline may be extended. See Constitution Article 5, Section 1(j), For more information: http://members.local706. org/static/members/election/election_timeline_w_ notes.pdf

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