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18 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2018 by Randy SayeR Assistant to the Business Representative I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 Theme Park, Theater & Broadcast Television News SHOW NEWS From left: Bobbi Boe, Robert Mrazik, Isabel Poling, Randy Sayer, Susan Stone, Paige Howie & Toby Mayer Our spokespersons in the Green Room, including our own Rebekah Pedersen (top center) Sayer with Andrea Pino, Boe & Thom Hoffman Marcelo Donari IATSE Local 706 negotiates 'Single Signatory Agreements' with each and every touring production that plays in San Francisco, a dozen or more each year. In May, The Color Purple played the Orpheum Theater—but the producers refused to sign our standard contract, citing that our wages and benefits were 'too high.' Numerous phone calls, emails back-and-forth, nothing; even pressure from the IA General Office in New York was to no avail. I flew up to San Francisco and spent Memorial Day Weekend conducting an "informational picket" in front of the Orpheum Theater, with the full support of the IATSE and our brother and sister locals in SF: Local 16/Stagehands and Local 784/Theatrical Wardrobe, whose Business Agent Bobbi Boe was with us every day on the line, handing out informational flyers to the patrons aending the shows! Thank you to Bobbi, Local 784 President Thom Hoffman, Local 784 members Paige Howie & Isabel Poling, and our own Local 706 members Marcelo Donari, Jolie O'Dell, Ashley Joyce Landis, Toby Mayer, Robert Mrazik, Andrea Pino, Maur Sela, and our San Francisco steward Susan Stone. The company did sign a deal with us at the eleventh hour for their next show, School of Rock, and next month we have On Your Feet! load- ing into the Orpheum, so we may have yet another fight on our hands. I'll see you at the rally, at the negotiating table or I'll see you in the wings! Randy Sayer As I have written before, 2018 is an election year. Our union local and our nation will be voting this fall, choosing from the candidates the person(s) who can best represent us in the coming years. Know the facts. Choose wisely. Whatever your views, the best thing that you can do for your Guild, our union, your city, our California and these United States is to make your voice heard: V-O-T-E! Other Regional Theater News: In June, we completed our negotiations with the Curran Theater in San Francisco. We now have a signed "term" agreement to cover legit, regional and community theater productions, as well as corporate and industrial events! We have never had a 'term' agreement with the Curran—or any of the SHN (Shorenstein Hays Nederlander) houses in San Francisco. This is an historic first! Hopefully, it will lead to signed agreements with the Orpheum and Golden Gate theaters in the future. We also signed our first Single Signatory Agreement with the Fox Theater in Oakland, for a one-day stop of a touring production of Disney's Junior Dance Party. We are cur- rently in negotiations for our first-ever contract with The Old Globe Theater in San Diego, San Francisco Opera negotiations took place in July and negotiations with San Diego Opera will be completed this summer. Sayer,Jolie O'Dell, Ashley Joyce Landis and Maur Sela

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