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july 2018  /  the tasting panel  /  123 As more and more vodka brands launch seemingly every day, it's become increasingly difficult for newcomers to stand out in the crowd. A few years ago, vodka sought to set itself apart as a category by offering a virtual cornucopia of flavors, but times have changed: The spirit has turned a corner, and distilleries have shifted their focus to quality over mere gimmicks. To make their mark, vodka brands are creating marketing campaigns and packaging geared toward grabbing consumers' atten- tion, but above all else, the most suc- cessful distilleries rely on craftsman- ship and the enduring excellence of the spirit. Here are some extraordi- nary vodka brands (and one vodka substitute) worth trying this year. CATEGORY REPORT EXCEPTIONAL VODKAS THAT SHINE IN A CROWDED CATEGORY b y E m i ly C o l e m a n Spirits S T A N D - O U T The Liquid of Luck: Jiu Jiu Vodka L ocated on New Zealand's beautiful South Island, Golden Bay Distillery uses all- natural ingredients that have a low impact on the environment for its products, including Jiu Jiu Vodka. The water used for this triple-distilled, charcoal-fil- tered grain-based spirit comes from a local, crystal-clear aquifer: It's arguably among the clearest spring water in the world, making this pure-tasting vodka an ideal choice in a cocktail, with soda, or on its own over ice. JiuJiu Vodka comes in two styles: Jiu Jiu Blue Label (40% ABV; $38) and Jiu Jiu Supreme (50% ABV; $45). With its higher alcohol content, the Jiu Jiu Supreme becomes a superb backbone for a Dry Martini. Beautiful on the inside and out, the packaging takes inspiration from around the world to create an eye-catching vessel worthy of the liquid inside. GOLDEN BAY DISTILLERY july 2018  /  the

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